Makeup tips for hot, sweaty summer

Photo of makeup brushes
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When I worked in retail, I remember running all over the store drenched in sweat. There were some days when the air conditioning wouldn’t work, subjecting me to a summer heat wave. Over time, I learned how to keep my makeup on my face through any condition: naps, workouts and even water. Now, I want to pass on that knowledge from my experience to anyone in the same boat. 

Using a face primer

Many people don’t think primer is a necessary step in their beauty routine, but I disagree. It helps create a barrier between the face and makeup, allowing it to last throughout the day. There are numerous primers for different skin types, so be sure to stick to what your skin needs to ensure long-staying power. 

An alcohol-based setting spray

Alcohol gets a bad reputation because it can dry out your skin. However, alcohol in setting sprays helps create a film for makeup to prevent it from melting off your face and evaporates too quickly to dry out the skin. Look at the ingredients, and if alcohol is one of the first three listed, the spray should be good to go. If you’re still worried about drying, use a hydrating mist beforehand and then use an alcohol-based spray. You can also use an alcohol-based setting spray before makeup to help decrease sweating, almost like an antiperspirant.

Matte concealers and foundation

Although matte makeup isn’t as popular as other types of makeup, it is the best at staying on your face because it clings onto the skin. To prevent your matte base from looking too dry, use a combination of a moisturizing primer and a hydrating mist. This will give the appearance of glowing skin while having the staying power of a matte base. 

Use an eyeshadow primer for the face 

Eyeshadow primer gives eyeshadow more vibrancy and longevity. But it can also be used on any oily T-zone to keep foundation and concealer on your face. Put eyeshadow primer in place of a face primer in any areas that need extra staying power. Common areas are the forehead, nose and under the eyes.

Don’t use too much product

Instagram and TikTok influencers tend to overdo foundation and concealer because it looks good for the camera. Offline, it can look cakey and masklike. Additionally, too much product can result in the products not setting properly and slipping off your face. Instead, work in light layers and use a beauty sponge to apply foundation and concealer, which can help remove excess product.

These tips have helped me keep my makeup on my face, and hopefully, they will for you too. Now you don’t have to worry about someone taking you swimming on the first date, and you can finally enjoy a beat face in the summer sun!

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