No more cardio: 4 things you can do instead to get your heart rate up

Photo of Marvel's Avengers
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As summer comes around the corner, fitness influencers everywhere are flaunting their summer bodies or posting TikTok videos about how to get five-minute abs. Although the idea of running in 106-degree heat may appeal to some people (or at 5 a.m., which is even worse in my opinion) the vast majority of us have concluded that cardio is an unfortunate consequence of living a “healthy” life. In light of the summer season, here are a few things you can do to get your heart pumping that do not require you to listen to a spin instructor talk about finding your “inner dragon.”

Reorganize your room

I am not sure if it’s just me, but reorganizing my room always starts with me scrolling through TikTok for two hours, followed by running around my room for the next two hours frantically reorganizing everything from my closet to my bookshelf. By the time it’s around 2 a.m., I’m usually exhausted, so maybe this counts as a workout. Right?

Rewatch the final battle of “Avengers: Endgame”

What you can do to really get your heart racing is to watch the ending battle of “Avengers: Endgame.” Not only will seeing your favorite superheroes (alive) make your heart race with hope (that we lost during “WandaVision”), but seeing everyone battle it out against Thanos one last time can reawaken that pre-COVID-19 excitement just in time for the new state opening measures. Moreover, if you’re like me, seeing Captain America lift Thor’s hammer may make your heart stop a bit, so bear that in mind. 

Rewatch the presidential debates

This is the second to last resort, so only do this if you are mentally stable enough to listen to two old men battle it out for one hour and 30 minutes. In general, nothing gets heart rates going quite like listening to American politics and debates on humanitarian rights. However, only watch one debate at a time because one debate might be worth about an hour’s walk. 

Check your grades

This is the absolute final resort. Nothing gets me as stressed as opening my CalCentral or bCourses. The way your heart rate speeds up as you wait for your grade to load knows no comparison. Even worse is the email notification that your midterm has been graded. Use this one sparingly, though, a person can only take so much stress at a time. 

Now, if none of these techniques work, take a page out of the oldest book: It’s the thought that counts. Also, take the summer to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry too much about a five-minute ab workout.

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