Summer activities based on your zodiac sign

Illustration of zodiac symbols
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Now that summer is upon us, many people are trying to figure out what to do with all this free time. If you’ve found that you’re mostly just lounging around watching Netflix, it might be time for a little more excitement and direction. And when in doubt, why not turn to the stars? Luckily, we at the Clog have compiled a list of activities to fill your summer months based on your zodiac sign. 

Gemini: Take a summer class

Geminis are known for their intelligence and perceptiveness, which is why they are perfect candidates for summer courses. Although summer is meant to be a relaxing time, taking a class will not only hone your skills and fill your time, but it also will ease your transition back into the fall semester! Don’t forget to try and make some time for fun, too!

Cancer: Go on a road trip alone

Cancers can be very emotional and sensitive, especially after a semester of wallowing in the sadness of the pandemic. A road trip by yourself is the perfect way to get yourself out of a rut! Get away from everything and explore a destination like you’re in a coming-of-age, Oscar-nominated film.

Leo: Have a shopping spree

Many Leos, such as Coco Chanel and Kylie Jenner, love fashion and living in luxury. With many stores reopening, it’s a perfect time to go on a full-out shopping spree. Reinvigorate your entire wardrobe, or redecorate your room! Either way, some much-needed retail therapy is the perfect summer activity for this fire sign.

Virgo: Give your bedroom a face-lift

Virgos crave order and are natural perfectionists. Chances are that your bedroom is a fixer-upper and needs some renovation. Empty your closet of all your unused and old clothes, paint your walls or swap out all your decorations and knickknacks. You’ll love the different aesthetic of your bedroom. 

Libra: Connect with old friends

The sign that hates being alone the most is the Libra. As we have all gone through a pandemic for more than a year, chances are we’ve probably lost touch with some people. This air sign should hit up some friends and spend some quality time with them. Picnics at a park or Zoom calls will satisfy the social needs of Libras just fine.

Scorpio: Find a hobby or creative outlet

There are numerous artistic and creative Scorpios out there — Leonardo DiCaprio and Björk, to name a few. Follow in the footsteps of your fellow Scorpios, and try a hobby or creative outlet. Pick up a book or write one, take some cooking classes or learn to sew! Channel your creative energy into an activity that you can master over these few summer months.

Sagittarius: Create a summer bucket list

This fire sign is an adventurer and is known for its drive. Because travel restrictions are lifting and there is more access to vaccines, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a list of activities to do by the end of summer. Drop everything and go to Hawaii? Kiss a stranger whom you just met? No matter the activity, a Sagittarius is going to have fun ticking every box on their list.

Capricorn: Have a spa day

Capricorns are the parents of each friend group, worrying about everyone they have to watch and prevent from getting into trouble. This summer is the perfect time to take care of yourself and relax! Go to a spa or plan a do-it-yourself spa day at home. You definitely need me time and relaxation to recharge your battery.

Aquarius: Go back to your hometown and explore

Aquariuses like to be rebellious, and chances are that when you left your hometown, you basically left for good. You should go back to your hometown and see how much it’s changed. What restaurants or attractions are there? What haven’t you seen before? Getting the chance to reminisce about your childhood and how you’ve grown as a person can also be really valuable.

Pisces: Have a summer fling

Water signs, especially Pisces, are true romantics and want to live their life like they’re in a rom-com. Find yourself a little summer romance with someone special, and live out your wildest dreams. If the relationship doesn’t survive, that’s completely fine. You’ll have a story to tell in the years to come. 

Aries: Join a gym and get healthy

You can’t be an Aries without being constantly angry and competitive. Instead, put all of that energy into exercising and working out. You might have put off exercise due to school, so this summer is the perfect time to get fit. Try running a marathon or just doing some ab workouts. Finally, you can join the legions of people on Snapchat posting gym selfies.

Taurus: Stay home and just enjoy the summer

Tauruses love to be homebodies and live in their sweatpants. Although there is insane pressure for summer 2021 to be like a movie, there’s nothing wrong with chilling at home and enjoying the break from classes. Take a nap, or catch up on the latest buzzed-about Netflix show. You’ll love all this free time and just going with the flow.

Now that you know what to do this summer, have some fun! If you’re still unsure about what summer activity is going to make your summer amazing, use your moon or rising signs, and decide what’s best for you. After all, the summer is what you make it! Just let your star sign guide your way. 

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