Tips, tricks for selling clothes online

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Selling clothes online is a perfect example of putting the first R in the adage of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” into practice. Your forgotten clothes can be rehomed and become someone else’s treasured item. Also, selling clothes online can also help you make some extra money (talk about a win-win situation here!) If you’re just getting started, here are some of my tried and tested ways to boost sales!

Choose the right platform

Different apps have their own niche, and posting on the most suitable platform makes all the difference. For example, name-brand pieces often do best on the app Poshmark, while trendier, smaller brands (even no brand at all) are most popular on Depop. Mercari, on the other hand, works for both branded and unbranded clothing, and also sells items other than clothing.

Take good pictures

Good lighting is definitely a must when selling clothes online, and having a clean, white background helps with this. Additionally, including multiple pictures for the front and back sides of the clothing, along with the label and the material tag, makes a huge difference and will prevent any doubts about whether the item has any hidden flaws.

Price accordingly

When you’re not sure what to price your item, look it up on the shopping section of Google, as well as on the sold section on different selling platforms! This can give you a really good idea of the price buyers are willing to pay, and you’ll be able to set a price that is reasonable. This is crucial to making sure that your item sells promptly.

Reshare/repost frequently

Make sure to reshare and repost your items often to make sure each piece has more exposure on the selling platform. Not every buyer has a specific piece in mind when browsing the app, so this increase in visibility helps bring in more traffic!

Be prompt when communicating

Before buyers purchase items, they often reach out to ask about sizing as well as confirm that there is no damage to the item. Make sure to respond promptly to leave a good impression. Even if the buyer does not purchase this time around, there is always a chance that this good impression may encourage them to return to your virtual selling closet in the future. This is also true when buyers reach out to you about pricing. Most platforms allow a 24-hour decision-making window, so make sure to not miss this!

Now with these tips in mind, you are off to a great start for rehoming your infrequently worn pieces! Good luck!

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