How to responsibly enjoy baseball in the Bay Area

Photo of Oakland Coliseum
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff

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As COVID-19 case numbers continue to fall and vaccination rates rise, the country is beginning to ease pandemic restrictions. Businesses are reopening, concerts are being scheduled for the near future and spectators are returning to live sporting events.

This is great news for sports fans who have been unable to cheer for their favorite team in person for far too long. While watching sports on your small laptop screen can simulate parts of what it’s like to be at a game, nothing comes close to the rush of sitting in the nosebleed seats and encouraging your team in the loudest way possible.

What’s even better about the return of fans to the stadiums is that you can participate in the trend from our very own Bay Area. With two great options for MLB — the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants — roughly 12 miles from campus, your summer is already off to a great start.

Don’t be discouraged if baseball isn’t your thing. You don’t have to be a mega-fan to enjoy the experience that is attending a game; there are plenty of other reasons attending a ballpark is the perfect activity to do with friends.

Take a break from the screens

The 2021 MLB season started April 1 and is scheduled to end Oct. 3. With 162 games in the season, 81 of which are played at the home field, baseball is the essential summer sport that gives you quite a few chances to make it to a home game.

The transition away from remote work is a slow-moving process, and many people are still working from home. Any opportunity we have to get out of the house and socialize (responsibly) with other people is one that should be cherished.

Savor the snacks

What would a baseball game be without the classic concession stands providing everything from soft pretzels to hot dogs? The Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Park are taking measures to ensure that snacking at the games can still be a safe part of the experience. Both stadiums are now cashless and provide mobile ordering options.

Take in the view

Whether you’re at the Oakland Coliseum or Oracle Park, there’s something to be said for how small enormous stadiums can make you feel when you’re just one of thousands of fans sitting high up in the stands. At both stadiums, you’re located right next to the water. In the case of Oracle Park, the views of the Bay are unmatched.

Both stadiums are implementing social distancing procedures, including the requirement or recommendation that face masks be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking, so the view becomes even sweeter with the knowledge that you’re enjoying it safely.

Appreciate the athletes

The A’s and the Giants both currently sit at the top of their respective divisions. The 2021 season has borne witness to iconic players such as Matt Olson and Buster Posey, whose performances are definitely worth traveling to the stadium to watch.

Bay Area baseball is unique in the proximity of two major league teams to each other. Entire states are without major league teams while the Bay has them on either side of a bridge. The option to attend either an A’s game or a Giants game (or both) makes a safe return to live sports even more enticing.

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