16-story hotel to open in Downtown Berkeley in October

photo of hotel construction
Andrew Huang/Staff
Residence Inn Berkeley is set to open in October, which will make it the second hotel to be opened in the city for two decades. The inn will consist of apartment-style rooms in addition to having spaces for events.

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Residence Inn Berkeley, a 16-story hotel, will open in Downtown Berkeley this October in response to growing demands.

The Marriott-branded hotel will be the second new hotel opened in the city in the last two decades, according to Visit Berkeley spokesperson Daniel Marengo. Managed by Pyramid Hotel Group, Residence Inn Berkeley will have apartment-style rooms with fully-equipped kitchens.

“With the proximity to UC Berkeley and the revitalization of downtown Berkeley, the Residence Inn Berkeley is a fantastic addition,” Marengo said in an email.

Adrian Larick, spokesperson for the Residence Inn Berkeley, added that the hotel will be a gathering place with available meeting and event spaces, as well as a full-scale restaurant.

The hotel will help address the demand for accommodations in Berkeley, Larick noted.

“The university had a lot of their guests and conferences outside of Berkeley because there wasn’t enough meeting space and hotel space, so I think there’s been a tremendous need for capacity in and near the university,” said Downtown Berkeley Association CEO John Caner.

According to Marengo, the city has a lot to offer visitors, including a “vibrant” local arts, food and shopping scene. Larick added that the proximity to San Francisco draws in tourists.

People also come to the city to visit the “world-class” UC Berkeley campus and explore the innovative space, according to Caner.

“Berkeley remains an iconic place for many who remember the free speech movement and flower power days,” Marengo said in the email. “The culture and vibe in Berkeley is magnetic, and it all starts with the amazing energy generated by the Cal campus.”

The location of the hotel also makes it unique, Caner noted. It will be located on Center Street, across from Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza and just a block from campus.

Larick added that the project will be a “win-win” for everyone involved, including residents with visiting family, Berkeley business owners and people who want to visit the San Francisco area.

“I think it’s going to be fantastic, I think it’s going to bring a lot of vitality to the downtown,” Caner said. “It’s going to have a really positive impact on the economic vitality and quality of life for residents and visitors of Berkeley alike.”

The hotel would also help the city by generating revenue from occupancy, sales and property taxes, which would go toward the city’s general fund, according to Marengo.

He added that the inn is expected to create more than 100 new jobs and become a social hub in Downtown Berkeley.

“The Residence Inn will also contribute to the revitalization of downtown Berkeley and provide a new place for meetings and celebrations in the heart of the city and close to public transportation,” Marengo said in the email.

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