An empowering playlist that advocates for Mother Nature

Illustration of students raising awareness for the environment
Nerissa Hsieh/File

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It’s time to protect Mother Nature! Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our world today, and many people, including musicians, are raising awareness to protect our environment and planet. As you listen, this playlist will hopefully have you reflecting on our current climate crisis and wanting to make a difference.

“The 1975” by The 1975

There’s no better way to start this playlist than hearing the inspirational words of Greta Thunberg over beautiful soft melodies. The 1975 and Greta Thunberg make quite a duo as they create a beautiful ode to changing the world regardless of age.

“Young Girls” by Princess Nokia

If you need a song to ground you and connect you to the natural world, this is the one! Inspired by both Indigenous and African culture, Princess Nokia incorporates the theme of ecofeminism to match a tribal beat. 

“Garden Song” by Phoebe Bridgers

Every time I listen to this song, which invokes the feeling of nostalgia and time passing, I find myself hoping for a better future and world. The lyrics, “And when I grow up, I’m gonna look up from my phone and see my life,” never fail to remind me that we must switch our attention from the digital world to the real world.

“Beware of the Dogs” by Stella Donnelly

This song is a more bitter take on our climate crisis, showing how human exploitation and greed are depleting our natural resources and land. It’s the perfect song to blast when you’re angry and frustrated by the lack of action when it comes to environmental issues.

“Purge the Poison” by MARINA

Don’t let this upbeat pop song trick you: The lyrics are quite dark and voice everything wrong with the world. MARINA even says in the song that she called Mother Nature, and it turns out that she’s really disappointed with us.

“The Government Song” by Tyler Cole

Rock out to this song that blatantly criticizes the government and society for not caring enough about our future. Paired with the coolest guitar riff you’ll ever hear, the lyrics remind us to advocate and vote for laws that won’t damage the environment any further.  

“Screwed” by Janelle Monae

If there is one word to define the state of the world in a few years if we don’t change our habits, it would be screwed. Janelle Monae makes this groovy disco song send a not-so-subtle message about our doomed future. 

“Nobody” by Mitski

There are very few songs that make me want to dance and cry my eyes out at the same time, and Mitski has done just that with this song. As she makes you want to jam out to the most depressing lyrics you’ve ever heard, Mitski hits you even harder with brutal reality when she sings, “Venus, planet of love/ Was destroyed by global warming/ Did its people want too much too?”

“Poolside” by THE ANXIETY

When you first listen to it, this song gives off summer vibes that just make you want to drive to the beach with your sunglasses on and your windows rolled down. That is until you listen to the lyrics and realize that the band is actually calling out how people try to distract and distance themselves from world issues. 

“Solar Power” by Lorde

We end this playlist with a hopeful and dreamy song that embodies how great our world can become if we all take responsibility for it. This song glows with positivity and will leave you wanting to make a change.

We only have one Earth, so let these songs remind you that we must treat it with care. So while you fight against our climate crisis and advocate for Mother Nature, listen to this playlist to keep you motivated and inspired!

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