The 5 Best Android Wallets for Crypto

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The last few two or three years have seen the crypto market go up to the next level, with coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge fetching millions of dollars for many of their owners. Every new day comes with newly minted crypto and, even though many of them are little more than scams, a few are certainly rich with promise and potential. The rise of crypto has been accompanied by an increase in the popularity of crypto wallets, some of which are really good at serving their purpose. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the best android crypto wallets. If you want to know more about bitcoin wallet, then you can visit Yuan Pay Group

The Best Android Crypto Wallets:


1. Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin Wallet is basic, but quite functional. You can use this wallet to store, sell, and buy BTC, ETH, and BCH. Moreover, you can execute crypto transfers at your convenience. Other notable features include the ability to swap between currencies, a widget showing real-time market data, and customizable network charges. While the fees might be a bit on the higher side, you cannot deny that Bitcoin Wallet really serves its purpose and then some. 


2. Coinbase


Coinbase is more of a crypto exchange, but also allows users to transfer and store crypto. You can think of this app like a crypto brokerage. It allows you to track prices for multiple currencies – even if it does not permit the purchase of all of them. Having said that, you can buy plenty of currencies through Coinbase, including major ones like BTC, Doge, and ETH. The only drawback with this android wallet is the lengthy verification process. 


3. Coinomi Wallet


This is yet another functional wallet bragging numerous features. For one, it is compatible with all the cryptocurrencies based on TRC10, BEP2, Omnilayer, and even ERC20/223/723. In other words, Coinomi is an excellent choice of wallet for people looking to house several different types of coins. Additionally, the app promises decent security, a neat UI, DApp browser, and multi-seed support. There are no real disadvantages associated with Coinomi Wallet, making it one of the very best when it comes to crypto wallets. 


4. Éclair Mobile


This Bitcoin wallet is compatible with the Lightning Network. Éclair mobile has a pretty and simple UI that allows you to specify any channels that you wish to use. Considering that the app is only compatible with Bitcoin, it is desirable for people who are really drawn by the particular crypto. We hope and expect that the app will start supporting other coins in the future, but for the moment, it works really well for Bitcoin (apart from one or two trivial cosmetic problems). 


5. Electrum


Electrum falls in the category of those apps that can really serve you well as long as you desire specifically what the app has to offer. This app comes with some sophisticated security features, such as the encrypted local security keys, which are always present on your phone. Moreover, the app does not take much time to load, and, thanks to its redundant servers, has been able to bring downtime down to almost zero. If you prefer cold storage, Electrum is also compatible with that. You might face a few issues with translation if English is not your preferred language. Other than that, the UI probably requires a bit of touchup. However, all in all, the app is quite good. 

Final Word

So, here you have the best five crypto wallets for android. If you know about or have had experience with any other excellent crypto wallets that we have left out, we are more than happy to know about them.


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