5 books to add to your summer reading list

photo of a stack of 3 books
Zara Koroma/Staff

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The past school year was undeniably exhausting, and many of us can finally use this summertime to relax and recover from nonstop schoolwork. After endless reading assignments, it’s possible that the last thing you want to do is crack open a book. However, reading doesn’t always have to be an exhausting experience that requires critical thought. Sometimes the best books are the ones that let us escape reality for a little bit. These five books — that don’t require too much brainpower — are guaranteed to have you excited about reading again and get you out of your reading slump!

“Beach Read” by Emily Henry

It would be a disservice not to include a book with that very title in a summer reading list. But seriously, this book is an ode to all burnt-out students who seek immediate comfort and creative inspiration. “Beach Read” is a relatable rom-com that will fill your summer with laughter.

“The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” by V.E. Schwab

With more than 400 pages, this book may seem daunting, but you’ll not be able to put it down once you start reading. This fast-paced story takes you through the 300-year-long life of our immortal protagonist and teaches you to be careful about what you wish for. From magical realism to art history to plain romance, this book has something for everyone to enjoy and become enthralled with.

“Daisy Jones and The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is not your average book. Written in the unique format of an interview transcript, this story takes you back to the 70s as you follow the rise and fall of a rock band. With Taylor Jenkins Reid’s fresh and innovative writing style, you’ll feel like you are a part of the novel’s sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle.

“The Inheritance” by Louisa May Alcott

There’s a good chance that you might recognize this author’s name with her most notable work “Little Women.” Well, I assure you that while “The Inheritance” might not be as popular, it’s still the perfect summer read for classic literature lovers. This sweet novelette is such a beautiful and endearing love story that you can certainly finish in a day.

“The Deal” by Elle Kennedy

Sometimes, good books don’t have to have the most profound writing, and “The Deal” is a prime example. Yes, it does read like fanfiction written by a random teenager online, but the book is certainly entertaining and that’s all that matters for the summer break. This lively romance story will take you on a rollercoaster and surely spice up your reading list.

Enduring almost a whole year of books, excerpts and texts you couldn’t care less about is bound to make you forget the beauty of reading. Personally, these five books reminded me about how amazing it is to read for pleasure and enjoyment. Hopefully, they might do the same for you!

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