Wardrobe essentials to spice up your look

Infographic depicting wardrobe essentials including a blazer, platform boots, a button-down shirt, and a turtleneck
Flora Huynh/Staff

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Do you ever look inside your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? The problem might be that you have too many statement pieces but not enough other clothes that can go with practically anything. If you’re like me, then you might find that basics such as blue jeans or a simple white T-shirt can get a little boring. However, there are many clothing items that can be both stylish and versatile. We at the Clog have found four pieces that are perfect for your wardrobe!

Button-down shirt

Contrary to popular belief, the button-down shirt doesn’t only have to be pulled out of the closet for business casual affairs. These shirts can be worn anywhere, especially if you know how to style them — and there are so many ways to do that. For example, you can tie the button-down in the front for a cropped effect or let it hang off your shoulders for a more modern look. Personally, one of my favorite ways to style a button-down during the summer is to leave it unbuttoned and wear a crop top underneath.


It might be too hot to pull out the turtleneck in this summer heat, but in a few months, this item will be your best friend. While I used to hate the turtleneck when I was younger, I soon learned that this top is sophisticated in the most stylish way possible. Every time I wear my black turtleneck, I feel so cool and mysterious. Additionally, you can always style a turtleneck underneath dresses, sweaters and t-shirts if you want to make your outfit edgier or even stay warm. Perfect for layering or making a bold statement, this is one of the most versatile yet basic tops you can invest in.

Platform boots

While sneakers sometimes fail to elevate your outfit and high heels aren’t the most practical for daily wear, platform boots hold the power to make you look cool without killing your feet. Not only can they give you the perfect height boost, but it’s impossible to not look fashionable in them. My personal favorites are the Dr. Martens Molly Leather Platform Boots that come with ribbons as shoelaces. However, there are other brands, such as Demonia and Koi Footwear, that will have you feeling like a baddie as you stomp down the streets in no time!


Who says blazers can’t be worn outside of the office? Once I saw street-style icons such as Bella Hadid captured by paparazzi in this formal jacket, I discovered the many ways I could incorporate a blazer into my everyday wardrobe. Whether cinched at the waist with a belt over tights, thrown over a t-shirt and shorts or cropped with a matching skirt, the blazer is bound to make one look both classy and hot.

While these are only four clothing items, you can make dozens of stylish outfits with them. No matter if your style changes or there’s a new trend to follow, these pieces are timeless and can never go out of fashion. So, you don’t need to buy a bunch of clothes if you’re looking for a wardrobe upgrade — just try out these wardrobe essentials and prepare for your look!

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