How to channel your inner Black Widow

movie still from Black Widow
Marvel Studios/Courtesy

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With her many appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow has finally received her own film. I was lucky enough to watch Black Widow kick butt on the big screen. Afterward, I felt inspired to be as courageous and tough as her in my daily life. I did some reflecting and came up with a few steps for anybody who wants to channel their inner Black Widow!

Find your signature style or niche

If you want to be like any superhero, especially Black Widow, it’s important to recognize your strengths and build on them. In this context, style doesn’t only have to mean fashion or clothes. It can be your personality, how you move through life or even a hobby. When it comes to Black Widow, her signature would probably be her amazing martial arts skills. However, you should choose a niche or style that you want to be best known by.

Start to think on your feet

This is definitely one of the hardest steps for me because I’m so indecisive, and I tend to overthink. However, I realized that thinking quickly is not only important in fighting the ultimate villain but also valuable in professional settings. For example, channeling this aspect during a job interview would work perfectly when you get an unexpected question.

Learn how to be forgiving

Black Widow faced many hardships in her life, but her ability to forgive and protect the people who did her wrong is commendable. Forgiveness is hard to practice, and you’re completely valid if you’re not ready to forgive somebody yet. However, Black Widow shows how forgiveness can sometimes be good and cleansing to the soul.

Don’t take no for an answer

As somebody who is considered stubborn, I resonated with Black Widow’s willingness to get what she wants and needs. Through the movie, I learned how my stubbornness can easily turn into two important things: perseverance and determination. Once you start listening to your gut and becoming more assertive about what you want, you’ll realize that life is sometimes mind over matter.

Take small steps to make the world a better place

You don’t have to be a trained fighter to help and protect Earth. While Black Widow may be doing flips and throwing punches, you can give back to your community and still have the same effect. There are many ways to help your community such as participating in mutual aid efforts, donating to those in need or signing petitions.

Black Widow teaches us that you don’t need magical powers to help others or to be strong. Anybody can be a superhero in their daily lives; it’s just about unleashing who you really want to be deep inside. So, whether you want to be like Black Widow or your own alter ego, I hope these steps put you on the right track.

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