Trying a gua shua tool for 30 days

Photo of gua shua
Nicholas Clark/Staff

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Meet the newest beauty trend making the rounds on TikTok: the gua shua tool. It’s an Asian beauty device shaped like a curved shark tooth and made out of stone. Gua Shua is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice that has been used for centuries to heal a range of illnesses.

First and foremost an ancient traditional technique, it is now making the rounds on TikTok as a method to create a chiseled face, akin to handsome Squidward. A gua shua sculpts the face through lymphatic drainage, removing interstitial fluid from the face. Many report that their double chins are gone, cheekbones defined and jawlines sharper than before.

All these supposed benefits made me skeptical and it all seemed too good to be true. Could this tool help my round baby face? I decided to buy one and try it for 30 days to achieve a Timothée Chalamet jawline and some Maleficent-esque cheekbones.

Through my research, I determined that the U-shaped end of the tool is for the cheekbones and jawline, with the curved side for cheeks and under the chin. It’s also highly recommended to use a facial oil or serum to allow the gua shua to smoothly stroke the skin. I bought the tool on Amazon for 10 dollars and used a cleansing oil for this little experiment.

Every night for 30 days, I would massage the cleansing oil onto my face and use the gua shua. I focused on defining my cheekbones and jawline, stroking upward ten times on each side of the face. The first couple days were definitely a struggle as the sensation of rubbing the tool against my jawbone and cheekbone was unpleasant and it took a while to get used to. But I found the areas with the most fat on my face, namely my cheeks and under the jaw, were easier to sculpt. Eventually, it began to feel like a facial massage, rather than bone to stone contact. I continued this routine for a month to ensure it would work.

After 30 days of use, I’m happy to say that I did experience some results, even if they weren’t as dramatic as I hoped.  My side profile showed that my jawline was accentuated slightly and the fat under my jaw disappeared. My cheeks were also a little more defined than before, with a groove under my cheekbones. I came into this with low expectations and didn’t expect a gua shua to work. The little changes it gave me are better than never working at all.

Gua shuas are the real deal and I’m overall happy with my results. If you want drastic changes, I’d recommend using the tool in the morning and night. But as a former skeptic, I am now a newly converted gua shua user and will continue to use one until I get a face like Angelina Jolie.

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