Power ranking characters from ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot

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Spotted: There’s a new generation taking control of the Upper East Side in the “Gossip Girl” reboot. We’re no longer following our beloved Serena and Blair. Now, we watch New York City’s youngest influencers and outsiders make their mark at Constance Billard St. Jude’s School. Some of them shine with their great fashion, glamour and power while others fade into the background. So it’s only fair for us to rank these characters to see who ultimately rules the Upper East Side.

9. Kate Keller

Watch out Dan Humphrey: There’s a new Gossip Girl in town. Not only is Keller the new and young teacher at Constance Billard St. Jude’s School, but she’s also the new Gossip Girl. Keller adds the drama we all wanted. However, a teacher spreading rumors about her own students is not what anybody needed.

8. Obie Bergmann IV

Obie is your average nice guy. He’s charitable and would never hurt a fly, but he isn’t the most interesting of the group. The only excitement he’s added is the moment he left his girlfriend for her little sister. That was definitely a surprise that left a bad taste in my mouth.

7. Luna La

There’s not much we know about Luna except that she can be quite vicious at times. While her attitude is alluring, she’s not yet her own person. Instead, she plays the part of Julien Calloway’s publicist and manager. Hopefully, Luna can eventually escape the shadows and show her true self.

6. Max Wolfe

If there’s anybody that’s going to create mischief, it’s certainly Max Wolfe. He’s the worst person in the best way possible. However, his behavior sometimes comes across as messy and toxic. In Max’s defense, he’s not as bad as Chuck Bass, but he’s definitely a person you’ll either love or hate.

5. Aki Menzies

Similar to fashion icon Monet de Haan, Aki is one of the better-dressed at Constance Billard St. Jude’s School. However, being stylish is not his only strong suit. He’s the sweetest person and is loyal to all his friends. Some may hate him for playing the role of the peacemaker at school, but I can’t help but absolutely adore it.

4. Monet de Haan

If the Upper East Side is all about wearing the best clothes, then Monet needs to be the queen. She always sports the best outfits while she struts down the hallways, and while she may not be the nicest person, she’ll always capture the attention of everybody.

2. Audrey Hope and Julien Calloway

There’s no way one can separate the Upper East Side’s new Blair and Serena in this ranking, so a tie had to be settled. Audrey and Julien are both trendsetters and icons in their own way. We expect a lot from these queen bees, and I have great hope that they’ll deliver.

1. Zoya Lott

Who knew that outsider Zoya from upstate New York could steal all the spotlight away from her older half-sister, Julien? She isn’t like anybody at Constance Billard St. Jude’s School, and that’s what makes her so cool. Zoya’s charisma and carefree spirit are so refreshing in the toxic atmosphere of power and wealth that we witness.

Based on first impressions, this young and wealthy group still has a lot to do before it can live up to the original “Gossip Girl” cast. However, we’ve still got plenty of time left to watch these Upper East Siders grow, develop and possibly surprise us even more. Some of them are already off to a great start, and I’m excited to see more of them.

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