Survival strategies for sick students

photo of a tissue box on a nightstand
Charlene Wang/Staff

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Ever since my friend gave me a cough that eventually turned into bronchitis, I’ve had a less than stellar time trying to heal myself. Every day, I apply vapor rub on my chest, pop one cough drop after another and drink herbal tea like my life depends on it. I’m longing for the day I can breathe again and can have a conversation without coughing my lungs out. But instead of wallowing in all my sore throat-ness and phlegm, I decided to share some tips on how to make being sick somewhat tolerable.

Take a long shower and wash your sheets

Whenever I’m under the weather, I feel grimy and dirty. It’s probably due to all the snot stuck in my nose and the fact that I’m laying in bed all day. A hot shower can immediately fix that problem. Not only will a steamy shower clear your sinuses and make you feel clean, but it’ll instantly make you feel better. Something about the hot water against your skin uplifts your mood. Additionally, washing your sheets will help bring the feeling of being clean and calm throughout the rest of your sick day nap. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of clean sheets? If you’re going to be in bed all day, might as well have it smell good.

Watch your comfort show or movie

Sometimes you have to take your mind off the fact your white blood cells are fighting for dear life. The perfect distraction is a show or movie you’ve already watched. Rewatching will remind you why you love that show or movie, while also giving you a mental break. I don’t suggest watching something new because takes more brainpower to consume it. Your favorite show or movie will bring back old memories and will make your sick experience a little more pleasurable.

Order takeout like there’s no tomorrow

Usually, I don’t order delivery because the fees will stack up higher than a Jenga tower. But honestly, being sick is the perfect excuse to DoorDash all of the food you want. You have to eat well so those white blood cells have some fuel! When you’re sick, the food at home isn’t satisfying and doesn’t compare to the deliciousness of takeout. So, track your order from the comfort of your bed while you wait eagerly for your Panera bread bowl to come to you.

Go to sleep early

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for recovery in general. As much as I love being a night owl at 2 a.m., nothing compares to sleeping before midnight and waking up fully rested. The easiest way for me to fall asleep is by drinking chamomile tea while reading a book under my weighted blanket. I like to steer away from NyQuil and melatonin because they tend to make me drowsy the morning after. But the next day after some peaceful rest will help get you back in shape.

These tips can make your sick experience better than ever. I also recommend getting up from your bed periodically to walk around and drinking plenty of water. With these tips, you’ll be mucus and cough-free in no time.

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