Bay Area community members continue search for missing Berkeley runner

Bay Area community members continue to search for missing runner Philip Kreycik.

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Nearly 200 law enforcement officers, professional searchers and support staff with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office conducted an extensive search for missing Berkeley runner Philip Kreycik on Sunday.

The search for Kreycik was part of eight days and thousands of search hours from local police departments, the sheriff’s office and community search teams, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office.

While searchers found a partial T-shirt during a ravine search, it was confirmed to not belong to Kreycik, and the search yielded no new leads.

“We truly feel we have done an enormous effort covering all possible scenarios during the past eight days,” the Facebook post reads. “Like the community, we are frustrated and perplexed that this massive effort has yielded no results. We feel we should have found Philip by now.”

Kreycik was first reported missing by family July 10 after he had gone for a run near the Moller Ranch trails area in Pleasanton, according to a press release from the Pleasanton Police Department. After five days of searching, the department issued another press release marking its final day of full operations July 14.

While local law enforcement officials continue to dial down search efforts for the missing runner, community members and volunteers continue to organize search groups. According to a post in the Find Philip Kreycik Facebook group, volunteers have gone door to door in neighborhoods near the trailhead in search of information on Kreycik’s whereabouts.

“We want to leave no stone unturned; the remaining push is to make sure we have collected all of the security camera footage we can,” said Tom Wooten, Kreycik’s friend and one of the Facebook group’s organizers, in a Facebook post.

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