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Bleed Blue, Win Gold: Tokyo Olympics Issue

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After a yearlong wait, athletes from all over the world are gathering in Tokyo to compete in the postponed Olympics.

As we cheer on our fellow Bears from the safety and comfort of our homes, it’s important to acknowledge the context surrounding the Tokyo Olympics.

Sacrifices — willing and unwilling — are being made to host the Olympic Games amid a rising tide of COVID-19 cases. Nothing can diminish the accomplishments and prowess of the participating athletes. The Olympics are the culmination of years of hard work, but that cannot detract from the voices of residents and the necessary discussions that should occur or the cancellation that could occur. The world may watch the Olympics, but we should be listening to the people of Tokyo.

Nevertheless, as the games press on, feats of unparalleled athleticism will take place throughout Tokyo. Records may be shattered, medals will be won, but controversy will surely be the legacy of the Tokyo Olympics.

Scott Frandsen: The psychology behind success

Photo of rowing coach FransdenFor now, Scott Frandsen seems to have hung up his oars. But the determination he developed in the boat will surely never leave.

— Aiko Sudijono

Cal fan’s guide to swimming at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo of Ryan Murphy

Team USA is sending six Cal swimmers to compete in Tokyo next week, alongside several other Bears from all over the world.

— Rachel Alper

Captains of the sinking ship: The irrationality of the Tokyo Olympics

One afternoon at my home in Japan, a comment from the TV instantly woke me up from my nap: “Should we really hold the Olympics?”

— Eriko Yamakuma

Top 3 most exciting track races to watch at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Photo of Olympic track and field

Of the many events taking place on the rubber ring at this summer’s Games, these three will feature the most compelling storylines.

— Ethan Moutes

‘An environment of fear’: Shifting the culture of toxicity, abuse in gymnastics

Illustration of a gymnast on a stageIt is more important now than ever to remember the events in recent years surrounding abuse in the gymnastics community and acknowledge survivors’ calls for a shift in toxic gymnastics culture.

— Karissa Lin

Worth the watch: 5 sports in the Tokyo Olympics you can’t miss

Photo of Toni-Ann Williams

While every sport in the Summer Olympics is electrifying in its own way, here are the five that have a special place in our hearts.

— Jocelyn Huang and Jasper Kenzo Sundeen

Basketball 3×3, sports climbing and other new sports to watch at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo of Cal Baseball

Athletes are not the only ones making their much-anticipated Olympic debuts at Tokyo; numerous sporting events will be held at the Games for the first time.

— Rina Rossi

You need to see this: Paralympic greatness awaits

Although I fancy myself a super-woke disability activist, “Rising Phoenix” opened my eyes to how little I actually knew about parasports.

— Chloe Moody

Mystery medals: A look at 4 of the most obscure Summer Olympic sports

Photo of slalom

With 33 different sports on the docket for Tokyo 2020, some of the less common sports may get lost in the mix.

— Allie Coyne

US athletes to keep an eye on in Tokyo this summer

Photo of Colin Morikawa

If you are tuning into the Summer Games, here is a list of Team USA athletes projected to shine especially bright in Tokyo.

— Ethan Waters and Kaitlin Clapinski

The ordinary Asian American dream

For the first time, I’m interested in taking part in a sport — there’s no need for me to be an Olympian to simply enjoy being outside in the sun.

— Aarthi Muthukumar

5 sports that deserve a spot in the Summer Olympics

Photo of Cal Football

Here are five additional sports that the International Olympics Committee should consider adding for the next two Summer Olympics in 2024 and 2028.

— Ryan Chien

A sport unto itself: Understanding Olympic qualification

Photo of Tokyo Olympic Stadium

Keeping track of the various qualification systems for different events can feel like an Olympic sport in and of itself.

— Ethan Moutes

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JULY 22, 2021