Which Marvel character you are based on your zodiac sign

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back in full swing, thanks to theaters reopening in time for “Black Widow” and the success of its Disney+ shows. With the introduction of new characters, people are claiming they are a total Natasha or have Loki-esque traits, but the best way to find which MCU character fits you is by using your zodiac sign.

Leo: Thanos

Leos are known to be self-centered and have huge superiority complexes. The only character that fits the description perfectly is the titan, Thanos. The fire sign and villain have explosive personalities, along with the goal of changing the world. Both have an insane amount of drive and won’t stop until they get what they want.

Virgo: Vision

The earth sign has a reputation for being the Marie Kondo of the signs: highly organized and perfectionist. That’s why they’re the most similar to the synthezoid, Vision. Virgos and Vision love to be useful to others and always have a solution to any problem. If you were in a pickle, you should call a Virgo to help save the day.

Libra: Captain America

The star-spangled hero and Libras are huge conflict-avoiders and want to be the peacemaker in every situation. Captain America tries his best to fit the title of being a hero for all Americans, while Libras want to embody goodness and harmony. The air sign and hero both strive for incredible goals, which makes them admirable. 

Scorpio: Groot

This water sign makes you expect the unexpected, almost like the sentient tree creature. Scorpios can be Baby Groot, cute and innocent, but if they get angry, they’ll turn into the angsty Teenage Groot. However, both the Scorpio and Groot are usually chill and go with the flow, unless you cross them. When that happens, take cover.

Sagittarius: Thor

Sagittariuses are free spirits like the Norse god of Thunder. As “Thor: Ragnarok” proves,  Thor marches to the beat of his own drum and is always the life of the party, mirroring a Sagittarius. But like the hot-headed deity, Sagittariuses are driven by their emotions and will let their feelings get the best of them.

Capricorn: Black Widow

Nurturing others is a trait inherent to Capricorns. They’re always trying to take care of their loved ones and looking out for them. Similarly, Black Widow has a similar role in The Avengers and in her own film. After Thanos annihilates half of life, Black Widow sacrifices herself for the greater good, something a Capricorn would do. Additionally, her own film shows how important her family is to her, which this earth sign also values greatly.

Aquarius: Rocket Raccoon 

Aquarians always feel like outcasts, which makes them Rocket Racoon. This Guardian of the Galaxy has felt like a black sheep his entire life. He thrives in his group of misfits and loves them dearly, which is an Aquarius trait. But what makes Aquarians embody this character is that Rocket is the life of the party, and you’ve probably never met a boring Aquarius. 

Pisces: Spider-Man

This water sign is a child at heart, always curious and feeling underappreciated by others. Thus, Pisces is the Spider-Man of the zodiac signs. Spider-Man is the youngest Avenger on the team with many members treating him like a kindergartener. But his childlike imagination and ideals are never unfazed. The web-slinger captures the dreamy traits of Pisces and can always get out of any sticky situation. 

Aries: Hulk

This springtime sign is easily angered and irritable, showing that their perfect MCU match is the Hulk. Sometimes, these emotions can take over an Aries and they’ll retaliate like the green giant. An experienced Aries can control these feelings like Dr. Bruce Banner, Hulk’s human form. All Hulk and Aries really want is someone to be their rock, allowing them to vent their emotions to their special person.

Taurus: Iron Man

Tauruses are notoriously stubborn and hate drastic changes. Similar to the earth sign, Iron Man hates listening to others’ opinions and follows his own path. Any Taurus can relate to the billionaire’s ability to charm anyone and inability to take criticism. However, both parties have big hearts and, sometimes, bigger egos. 

Gemini: Loki

Both the air sign and the god of mischief have reputations of being two-faced and sneaky. It causes people to question their motives and wonder if they’re lying. This is actually a mask for Gemini and Loki as they are afraid of getting themselves hurt. Just like this Norse god, Geminis are misunderstood and you must gain their trust to see the real person.

Cancer: Scarlet Witch

After “WandaVision,” there is no doubt that Scarlet Witch embodies this crabby sign. Cancers and Scarlet Witch are highly sensitive beings, experiencing emotions at a heightened level. They are also prone to crying and love having crushes on unattainable people. But when both Cancers and Scarlet Witch find their confidence, they become unstoppable forces.

These are only a few characters that embody the zodiac signs as the MCU keeps on growing. But don’t forget to use the list for your moon and rising signs to fully understand your superhuman identity. 

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