‘Harry Potter’ inspired outfits

movie still from Harry Potter
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“Harry Potter” was one of my all-time favorite series growing up, and I loved the styles the characters sported in the movies. However, Halloween is not every day, and it isn’t very realistic to go about daily life wearing a wizard’s robe and loafers. Here are some ways to channel “Harry Potter” in your everyday style without it looking like a costume.


A staple of preppy style, glasses can be integrated easily with any outfit. If you don’t want to wear fake glasses that have no functionality, blue-light glasses are a great alternative that can not only protect our eyes but also allow us to dress as characters from our favorite films (talk about win-win here). This might just be the perfect time to get yourself a pair and incorporate them into your daily style as we head back to a hybrid semester.


Adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to uplift your outfit. When choosing the headband, go for preppy prints such as pinstripe, plaid, argyle or tartan to stay true to the classic “Harry Potter” look. If you want it to be even more understated, a thin satin or corduroy headband that resembles the color of your hair can do the trick too!

Collared shirts

A must-have in any uniform, collared shirts can instantly upgrade an outfit and make it all the more preppy. In fact, this is perfect for all sorts of weather too. During the summer, you can use a crisp oversized white shirt as a light jacket or cover-up; substitute this with a thicker plaid or tweed over shirt in the winter. Lastly, layering collared shirts underneath cable-knit sweaters or cotton sweatshirts is also a great way to add a hint of preppiness without compromising warmth! 

Tennis skirts

Inspired by the skirts from uniforms, tennis skirts are a great staple item that can make a look more preppy. When picking out the skirts, look for ones with larger pleats as they give a more structured look. Additionally, aim for classic prints such as plaid or argyle, and for a more toned-down version, choose solid colors such as white or navy. To dress the skirt down even more, throw over a hoodie and pair it with sneakers. 

If you’ve always wanted to channel “Harry Potter” in your outfits, here’s your answer! These simple pieces are all it takes to incorporate some peppiness into your style without looking like you’re on your way to a Halloween party. 

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