Why you should get a long-haired chihuahua

Photo of Chihuahua
Eunkyo Jo/Staff

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Chihuahuas are known for being tiny, feisty and protective. I grew up with a long-haired chihuahua — a chihuahua with long hair — named Bell for 11 years, which is basically half of my life. Although I had to say goodbye, I only have good memories from the little furball that loved to play and always snuggled on top of my gray Jansport backpack. If you’re considering adopting a pet, here’s why you should choose a long-haired chihuahua.

You can protect each other

My dog was on the more aggressive side when it came to strangers. While chihuahuas can be trained at an early age to be gentle, Bell barked constantly when she encountered unfamiliar faces. One good thing about a barking chihuahua is that it can warn and protect you from strangers and keep your house safe while you’re away. In return, you can protect your pet from huge dogs wanting to approach it by just propping it up into your arms. Because they are so small and light, chihuahuas can be easily carried in one hand or in a purse.

Perfect for cuddling

A long-haired chihuahua has the perfect size and texture for a cuddle buddy. Not only can you hold it close to your heart while carrying it around, but its presence next to you on your bed will also make you feel like you have the softest, cutest and warmest furry companion. Whenever I was having a bad day, Bell begged to come onto my lap and would press her tiny head right under my palm where she could be pet. Her love for snuggling would never fail to make me smile.

You will feel like a celebrity

Long-haired chihuahuas are one of the less common dog breeds, and because of their rare beauty, people will point and stare wherever you take your dog. I’ve actually been stopped multiple times out on the street as people asked to pet or take pictures of Bell. Although it gets a little tiring, you will be a proud parent — and all the attention will make you feel almost as if you’re a celebrity.

The fur will make your clothes softer

I’m not going to lie; I shed a lot of hair, but my long-haired chihuahua sheds 10 times more than me. If you’re wearing a black shirt, as soon as you put down your dog, there will be remains of fur visible on your shirt. On a positive note, your clothes don’t need a fabric softener! Bell had really soft fur, so everything she interacted with — my clothes, backpack and sheets — instantly became softer with an extra layer of ivory-colored coat. Get a long-haired chihuahua for softer clothes and furniture. But, also, please get a lint roller.

Bell was a playful, intelligent and loving best friend who was always there for me. If you ever get a long-haired chihuahua — a dog you can carry, cuddle, train, play with and take pride in — I promise it will become your most beautiful, loyal companion.

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