How to romanticize your life

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“Romanticizing your life” is the process of viewing your life through rose-colored glasses and living like you’re the main character in a movie. The phrase has been popping up all over the internet as many people are trying to pretend they’re in an indie film. It’s perfect for people who want to change their outlook on life and make the most of where they live. As much as everyone wants to be the protagonist grabbing coffee in New York City, some of us are frustrated living in our small towns. Romanticizing your life will fix that predicament and it only takes a few easy steps.

Listening to upbeat music 

The atmosphere of a song can put listeners in a specific mood, depending on the lyrics and instrumentals. The raw emotions of a sad song will be transferred to the listener, which rings true for happy, upbeat music. Whenever I need to be motivated or get in a cheerful mood, high-energy pop music puts me in the right headspace. The soundtracks for romantic comedies also work, such as “Legally Blonde” and “Mean Girls,” as they can make you feel like a true main character. Bonus points if you’re blaring the music with the windows down as you’re whipping your car around town.

Get out of the house

Staring at the same four bedroom walls can be isolating like you’re Bella in “New Moon.” To fully romanticize your life, get out of the house and explore your surroundings. Walking several blocks will make you appreciate what your town has to offer. It’s not the bustling streets of Los Angeles, but you can breathe the fresh air and soak in the sun. You might notice a new boutique to window shop at or a restaurant with interesting meals. Once you realize that your town isn’t a complete desert, you’ll be more likely to go out more and have little adventure within city limits.

Be mysterious

The “new person in town” trope is reserved for a main character moving from a big city to a small suburban town. They tend to be mysterious, and the townspeople want to learn more about them. To replicate this, start dressing like you’re a celebrity being followed by the paparazzi. This gives people the impression that you’re a fish out of water trying your best to navigate town. It’s also a fun excuse to wear nice clothes whenever you go out. In order to complete the look, wear sunglasses (even indoors) and a mask so people will wonder what you truly look like. You’ll be in their minds for years to come as they wonder who you are.

Wake up early

As much fun it is being a night owl, early birds can have idyllic, peaceful mornings. Instead of hitting the snooze button, try getting up at around 8 a.m. and enjoying what early daylight offers. It’ll be difficult if you are used to sleeping past midnight, but the beauty of sunrises will be worth it. Look out the window as you sip some morning brew. Listen to the birds chirping from the comfort of your bed. You’ll feel like you’re on someone’s Pinterest board or Instagram “explore” page. An early riser can also get their errands done before noon, giving you plenty of time to read a book under a tree or tan by the pool. 

These few steps will make you feel like you’re Carrie Bradshaw — even if you’re not living in Manhattan. Romanticizing your life is one of the easiest ways to shake up your routine without spending your money or putting in too much effort. You’ll start to enjoy your surroundings while becoming the best version of yourself. 

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