5 cost-efficient activities to do in Berkeley that guarantee a good time

photo of a picnic basket by the water
Ethan Epstein/File

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As we head into an in-person school year with most students staying in the campus residence halls or off-campus apartments, weekend visits from parents or high school best friends will be commonplace again. Although hanging out with loved ones in a new place is always a blast, it’s hard to do so on a college student’s budget without breaking the bank. Thankfully, the Clog’s got your back. Here are some low-cost activities to do with your family and friends around Berkeley. Not only will you have a blast, but your wallet will thank you later. 

Sunset at the Big C with snacks from 7-Eleven

One of my favorite things to do at Berkeley is watching the sunset at the Big C with snacks (you can also take your car up to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory if you don’t want to walk). Snacks from 7-Eleven are generally cheap, and things such as Twizzlers or Hot Cheetos are easy to buy in bulk. So grab your friends, buy a bunch of snacks and take a few sweaters to watch the sunset and experience the entirety of San Francisco fall into night. It really is beautiful. 

Farmers market and art shows

Another example of a cost-effective thing to do in Berkeley is to just window shop on College Avenue, Fourth Street shops or Albany. Berkeley also hosts three farmers markets throughout the week, and Albany frequently hosts art shows for when you just want to stroll around and enjoy the weather.

Picnics on campus (bonus points if you make your own food to go along with them)

One of my favorite things about the UC Berkeley campus is the number of places that make for a great picnic. Since summer brings some great weather, I advise grabbing something cheap to eat (bonus points if you make something at home), settling down on Memorial Glade with friends and enjoying the company. 

Board game cafes

A few weeks ago, a board game cafe would not be on my list of cost-efficient things to do in Berkeley, but after going to one, I highly recommend it to people who are looking to fill time on a budget. Although the most well-known in Berkeley is the Victory Point Cafe, there are a few in surrounding cities in the Bay. These cafes have cheap buy-ins for unlimited playing time, and the coffee is great too!

Good old fashioned hike or walk at the Berkeley Marina

Although going to farmers markets or having a picnic at the Glade are all fun activities to do on a Saturday, for those of us who have some leftover energy from the week, Berkeley has a plethora of hikes in the area. A few of my favorites are the Big C trail, the Stonewall-Panoramic Trail and the Fire Trails. However, if incline isn’t your style, you can always walk or bike along the Marina! 

I hope this list gives you some new activities to do with your friends! 

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