A beginner’s guide to manifestation

photo of a manifestation journal and book
Eliana Marcu/Staff

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Spirituality is taking TikTok by storm. A major component of spirituality is the idea that human beings are capable of creating their own realities through the power of manifestation. To manifest something means to materialize a person, thing or condition that you want to be true for your life. In order to truly grasp and utilize the practice of manifestation, it’s important to understand that it takes place on a mental, emotional, physical and vibrational level. The following tips will serve as an introductory crash course to begin your manifestation practice and watch as your desires unfold.

Keep a manifestation journal

Scripting — the more technical term for keeping a manifestation journal — refers to the practice of writing down all that you hope to manifest in present tense as if you already have it. It’s important to be in a meditative state while you script, clearing your mind of intrusive thoughts and daily worries. Start out by expressing gratitude, making sure to include as many details as possible. For example, let’s say you’re hoping to manifest a return offer from the company you interned with over the summer. You can begin your script like so: “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with (insert company name) in my dream role as a (insert position title). I’m super excited to express my creativity and engage in work I genuinely enjoy. I can’t wait to (insert the role’s daily activities). I’m looking forward to seeing how much I grow and how this position will launch me into greater things in the future.” Scripting is all about setting your intentions, so don’t be afraid to write your little heart out!

Visualize and act like you already have what you want to manifest

The next step in the manifestation process is to visualize and internalize those thoughts and feelings from your journal and incorporate them into your daily life. If you want to manifest your dream car, apartment or partner, practice visualizing how it would look and feel to possess those things in as much detail and focus as possible. If you want to manifest your dream career as a highly successful CEO of your own startup, act as if you already are one. That probably means getting enough sleep, staying physically fit, looking clean and crisp, being confident, displaying leadership and grinding work tasks instead of binging Netflix shows. By acting the way you would feel if you had what you wanted, you are setting yourself up to be a vibrational match for attracting those things. 

Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration is a key part to manifesting more easily and attracting positive things into your life. You attract what you are a vibrational match to, meaning that if you’re operating at a high-energy frequency, you will attract positive energy and vice versa. The easiest way to raise your vibration is by feeling good emotions. You can clear negative vibrations through meditating or journaling. In both practices, it’s important to simply observe your thoughts without judgment or emotional investment. Once you’ve vibrationally reset, you can begin to vibrate at a higher frequency by doing activities that make you feel good. You are the best judge of what those activities would be, but some ideas include listening to your favorite music, doing things that energize you and spending time near people and places you love. 

Don’t forget to take action!

Even through the power of manifestation, you can’t just expect everything to fall perfectly into your lap. You need to be willing to take the physical actions that align with what you want. For example, you aren’t going to manifest your peak physical fitness goals if you refuse to exercise or make dietary changes. You aren’t going to manifest your dream career as a lawyer if you skip classes every day to scroll through social media. You aren’t going to manifest your crush falling in love with you if you don’t make the effort to talk to them. Remember to take the physical actions that align with what it is that you want to manifest!

Starting your spiritual journey can be a wildly exciting and confusing roller coaster. We at the Clog hope that these tips will serve you well as you begin practicing the art of manifestation and watch as you attract abundance into your life!

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