Ways to make extra money as a college student

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Feeling guilty every time you treat yourself? While college is a time to explore and invest in yourself, it’s also a time where many of us begin being financially independent and start caring more about how much we make and spend. If you’re on a college budget and are constantly aware of what you spend, try these methods to make extra cash as a college student.

Sell unnecessary items

If an item doesn’t bring you value, you should rethink whether or not you should hold onto it. Bought a blender but never found yourself using it? Have a hat you never wear? Either tell yourself to make better use of those items, or get back their value by selling them. Review your storage once in a while and try these tips to declutter your closet. Once you’ve sorted through your clothes, sell the items you don’t wear. You can utilize local thrift stores or Facebook groups such as Free & For Sale.

Get a part-time job

As a student, there are many part-time opportunities available on and around campus — libraries, dining halls, administrative offices, cafes, boba shops and professional internships. Handshake is a great place to look for on-campus jobs, and for off-campus and remote opportunities, look on Handshake, LinkedIn and Localwise. Your job could be a service-based role that helps develop your interpersonal skills or a professional skill-based role that helps boost your career plan.

Monetize your side hustle

Start your own small business as a freelancer. Whether your passion is photography, academics, writing, baking or art, you can make money as a photographer, tutor and blogger or by selling baked goods or artwork. Check out this guide on making extra money by monetizing your hobby.


Investing allows money sitting in storage to grow. There are various types of investment including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds which you can choose depending on the amount of risk you’re willing to take. Take some investment crash courses and start on apps such as Robinhood and Acorns.

Save incurring costs

If you’re not making money, the best way to maintain a fuller bank account is to save money. If you’re constantly going out for food and drinks, consider making them at home or choose pick up instead of delivery. If your self-care routine includes expensive nails and hair salons, try replacing them with more affordable DIY self-care ideas. Take public transportation and make use of perks and discounts you can get as a UC Berkeley student.

While it’s easy to get caught up in stressing over money, remember that the money you spend during college, may be worth it when invested right — whether it’s in better relationships, a better study space, better health or a better mood. If your spending improves your quality of life, it will come back in the future in your favor.

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