Manifestation methods to get my crush to like me back

Illustration of two lovers, by Isabella Schreiber
Isabella Schreiber/File

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As a Cancer sun and a hopeless romantic, I’ve tried various ways to get crushes to like me back. From baking them brownies to changing my entire personality to become their ideal partner, I thought that all hope was lost. This was until I stumbled upon TikTok videos in which people manifested their crushes into liking them back. I’ve heard about manifesting as a tool for people to attract wealth and luck, but never did I think about using it for love. I was desperate to try anything to get my current crush to like me back so I set on a journey to manifest my crush over the summer.


Although crystals aren’t necessary for manifesting, they’re supposed to amplify the energy of the user. Each crystal has a specific use, but I decided to go with the ones TikTok users rave about: rose quartz for love, jade for fortune, carnelian for sexuality, citrine for happiness and creativity, amethyst for erasing negative energy, moonstone for new beginnings and clear quartz to amplify the power of other crystals. I set my crystals by my nightstand because their effectiveness is determined by the user’s proximity. Although I thought these magic rocks were useless, I found myself less irritable and in a peppier mood than usual. I don’t know if it was the crystals or pseudoscience but it seemed to be working.


In addition to crystals, I recited daily affirmations. Affirmations use the law of attraction: The more you speak something into the universe, the more likely it will come to you. I’d spend my mornings and nights telling my crystals, “My crush is in love with me and is confessing it to me.” By putting my affirmations in present tense, it’s supposed to make the statements more powerful as if you’re already reaching your goal. I also said “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me,” in hopes of strengthening my other affirmation. It seemed weird speaking these statements alone, but after a while, it became part of my daily routine and I couldn’t do anything else before reciting them.


Another form of manifestation is visualizing. In the same vein as daydreaming, you’re supposed to imagine yourself in situations you strive to be in such as winning the lottery or graduating school. For me, I’d visualize being on a date with my crush. We’d walk down the street to a restaurant, where we would have dinner together. They’d ask about my day and carefully listen to what I had to say. Afterwards, they would take me home and kiss me before saying goodbye. I replayed this scenario right before bed to fall asleep and add to strength of all the other forms of manifestation. Sometimes I’d spice it up with a makeout session or a trip to Target together, but I kept the same structure of us being a couple and in love. 

Using these three methods of manifestation, I repeated them everyday over the summer because many experts recommend it to ensure your goals are met. I set daily reminders to manifest so my streak wouldn’t break. After several months of this routine, I’m proud to say that I’m surprised at the results.

Going into this full summer manifest experiment, I expected nothing to come out of it. But over the months, I got several DM’s and text messages from this crush in which I didn’t initiate the conversation. It shows that somehow the universe is pushing us toward each other, even though my crush wasn’t entirely in love with me. If these are the results after a few months, I’m going to continue doing all these methods to see what happens after several months. Maybe we’ll be married at the end of the year. Who knows? So if you’re thinking about manifesting your crush, try it out! You’ll never know if the universe will bring you together.

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