Backpack essentials you may have missed

Photo of backpack and contents laid out on the floor
Madeleine Fruman/Staff

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When packing your backpack for the day, chances are, you’ll definitely remember your laptop, notebooks, pencils and textbooks. But, these aren’t enough. If your bag still has some room, keep some extra things in there to help you out in any sticky situation. These items range from important school supplies to emergency essentials, and you’ll definitely be glad that you brought them on campus. 

General: Hand sanitizer, extra mask and portable charger 

If you’re only going to keep a few items from this list in your backpack, these are the most important. Although many stores and restaurants have hand sanitizer stands, it’s still smart to keep some on you in case you touch something dirty or don’t have access to a sink. An extra mask is a good idea if you forget to bring one or if you drop yours on the sidewalk. But for anyone that always has a low phone battery, you should get a portable charger so your phone doesn’t die at the most inconvenient time. 

Convenient School Supplies: scissors, tape and USB drive

You might have pencils, pens, highlighters of every color and binder paper, but these school supplies should also make it in your pencil box. Scissors are always great for opening a bag of chips to making an arts and crafts project if you’re bored in class. Tape is just nice to have on hand, and a USB drive will keep files with you if you don’t have reliable internet access. You’ll be able to pass any class with these items at your disposal!

Oral Care: mints or gum, mouthwash and floss

As a garlic enthusiast and broccoli eater, oral care items are important to keep in my bag 24/7. Keeping mints or gum in your bag fights the bad breath from any meal and if you need something stronger, a small bottle of mouthwash will work in a pinch. This will save you any worries of having bad breath and make everyone think you just ate an entire tube of toothpaste. Additionally, floss is a good idea if you often find food stuck in your teeth that you can’t get out with licking your teeth. 

Emergency: stain remover pen, mini first-aid kit and a granola bar

Salsa from your burrito lands on your white shirt? Stain remover pens to the rescue. Accidentally get a paper cut from reading too many books for English class? A bandage from a first-aid kit will fix that. Get hungry before class but you won’t make it by Berkeley time? A granola bar will satisfy that hunger until the lecture is over. These items are also shareable so if anyone is in crisis, you can be the hero to save their day.

These backpack essentials will prepare you for any problem, from bad breath to food stains. Play around with the items you can fit in your bag and what you actually need because no one is going to have a clown car amount of room. You’ll be like Mary Poppins with her magic bag filled with every tool, item and device you can think of.

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