5 old-school fashion statements we should bring to campus

Photo of roller blades
Paul Sableman/Creative Commons

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As the fall semester begins to gain momentum and we finally run out of all the new outfit ideas we planned over summer, there comes an increasing desire to try to wear something new and fresh. Well, look no further than here, because I have some fashion ideas for you that are both practical and will help you make so many new friends this semester (that may or may not completely ban me from any fashion org on campus). 

Replace your Air Force 1 s with some rollerskates!

It’s no secret that Berkeley is not an easy campus to get around, especially in a timely manner. So, when you are in the Valley Life Sciences Building and have a meeting in Evans Hall, just throw on some rollerskates and you will be there in no time! Rollerskates make traveling easy, come in many colors to match your outfits and also will help you get to and from class without ruining your outfit from all the uphill walking! 

Forget crystal rings … use mood ring jewelry instead! 

Going back to school is hard, especially in a pandemic, and it could leave you with a plethora of emotions. So, what’s better than putting these emotions to use in your outfit! Whether you want a red accent or purple hues, your mood ring will always match your mood of the day — the color may change depending on the class you’re in!

Need a new wallet to store your Cal 1 card? Try a duct tape wallet!

Leather wallets and cardholders on the back of your phone are so pre-pandemic. Instead, let’s take it back to middle school and utilize some of our arts and craft skills! Duct tape wallets are weather-resistant, very fashionable and are easy to fix! So, get in touch with your creative side and make a blue and yellow duct tape wallet perfect for the school year. 

Can’t decide whether or not to dress in fall clothes? Try zippable shorts!

As the seasons change, the weather remains unpredictable. Some days it’s hot and others it’s cold. So, to keep up with the ever-changing seasons, buy yourself some pants that unzip into shorts! Not only will this be extremely stylish, but it will also help those indecisive students with the lifelong debate of whether I should wear pants or shorts

Need a snack but your books are taking up too much space? Try some candy jewelry! 

College life has made us busy to the point of no return. So, when you are trying to run to your 8 a.m., it’s easy to forget breakfast. However, never fear, candy jewelry is here! This way, you can get some extra shut-eye and have a quick and easy breakfast for the morning or between classes. Happy snacking!

I hope this list sparked some new back-to-school fashion ideas for you! Good luck with all your fashion endeavors this semester!

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