ASUC Executive Vice President Aditya Varma resigns

a photo of Aditya Varma
Aditya Varma

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ASUC Executive Vice President Aditya Varma resigned from his position due to ideological differences with the ASUC.

Antonio Kobe Lopez, formerly one of Varma’s chiefs of staff, is acting as the interim EVP until a replacement is found.

My wish for the ASUC as an institution is for its people to represent our students the best way possible through political and organizational process,” Varma said in an email statement. “Ultimately, I chose to step down as I believe the ASUC’s environment is no longer congruent with that vision.”

The ASUC has been working to fill the vacancy following Varma’s “abrupt” resignation, according to ASUC Senator Amanda Hill. A committee has been selected to aid the process and an emergency application has been posted on the ASUC’s social media pages, with Sept. 11 as the deadline.

We believe we will be doing the interview process soon, hopefully, because I believe the new person must be determined by the fourth senate meeting,” Hill said.

During his time as EVP, Varma has sponsored 11 senate resolutions, filled emergency vacant student union representative positions and worked with the campus LEAD Center to secure advising space for Registered Student Organizations, according to his statement. He also noted that his office worked alongside the Graduate Assembly to re-establish the ASUC budget committee and “ensure student voices are included” in budgetary decisions.

According to Hill, however, there was controversy within the ASUC over Varma’s committee selections, which they alleged were “based on party.”

I think the general consensus has been confusion,” Hill said. “It was pretty abrupt. I don’t think a lot of us expected a resignation by the third or second senate meeting from any official.”

An acting EVP resigning from office is not unprecedented, however. In 2020, former ASUC EVP Andy Theocharous stepped down due to “tragic circumstances.” Other ASUC officials, including former ASUC Senator Dhruv Krishnaswamy and former ASUC Senator Milton Zerman, have also stepped down from their positions.

Moving forward, Hill said that despite the sudden resignation, the ASUC’s operations have not been inhibited or disrupted. 

“The current interim EVP expedited a lot of processes and has done a great job at listening to people to get things done,” Hill said.

In his statement, Varma acknowledged his chiefs of staff and directors and reflected on his work with his team. 

He added that he looks forward to what is next for him after his time as EVP.

“I’m grateful for the time I had (and) the opportunities to serve students,” Varma said in the statement.

Ashley Tsai is the lead student government reporter. Contact her at [email protected], and follow her on Twitter at @ashleyttsai.