The Clog’s guide to affordable decorating hacks

Illustration of a dorm room with many decorations
Isabelle Schreiber/File

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One of the best parts about being back on campus is having a new space to live in for the year. Whether it’s a dorm, apartment or house, it’s important that you set up a space to be your home away from home. That being said, decorating costs can quickly add up, especially if you have more than just one room to revamp. Here are the Clog’s top affordable decorating hacks to spice up your space! 

Upcycling furniture

By far, the most expensive aspect of decorating a new apartment or house is furnishing it. And while IKEA is tried and true, finding unique pieces to put your own twist on can really make your space feel like a home. Plus, if you have roommates, you can all work on transforming something together. Try searching on Facebook Marketplace, Free and For Sale Facebook groups or check out Urban Ore for some furniture thrifting. Once you find the piece you are looking for, the next step is Pinterest! Pinterest is the perfect place not only to get inspiration, but also to get really valuable advice from users who have done similar flips to make sure yours goes smoothly. Get the supplies you need and watch your old piece of furniture be reborn into your home. 

Peel and stick everything 

If there’s one invention that can truly transform any area in your home, it’s peel-and-stick products. The most obvious one is peel-and-stick wallpaper, which can be a lifesaver if you want to cover some walls and not damage your rental property. There are tons of colors and designs and it’s extremely easy to do yourself! Aside from peel-and-stick wallpaper, there’s also a whole world of peel-and-stick tiles. You can add them to your shower, above your kitchen counter and even to your floor. These products are truly so versatile; you can cover cabinets, tabletops or anything else you have that may need recovering. Found at your local Target or on Amazon, these products are affordable and will make your old space unrecognizable. 

Small touches

There are tons of small details you can always add to your space if that’s all you’re looking to do. Ordering gallery wallprints, or even creating your own, is a super easy way to bring your walls to life. Taking on the TikTok ceramic vase trend can be a great way to repurpose old vases or jars. Adding small aesthetic items such as candles, books, and faux or real plants can spruce up any space. You do not need to break the bank on any of these small items, and scattering them around can make a room feel a lot more put together. These also don’t need to be all found at once — you can take your time finding items that really speak to you and add them to your space whenever that may be. 

Watching YouTube videos or scrolling on Pinterest is a great way to start getting inspired if you’re looking to modify your living space. Seeing what other people do can give you a perfect starting point when figuring out how you want to decorate your dorm, apartment or house. It doesn’t need to be a stressful or rushed process; you can work on sections or pieces one at a time until it eventually adds up to be exactly what you had envisioned. Happy decorating!

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