Berkeley in September

Photo of Berkeley
Antonio Martin/Staff

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It must be the first time I am away

From home this time of year. Alone at night

I sit in the stillness, feel the silence

And think of Singapore — so far from me.


Three dollars for a meal, two for boba;

All the flavors you could possibly want.

Paper in the right size; degrees Celsius;

People driving on the left of the road.


Familiar streets and storefronts, local shops

I adore; my favorite Italian restaurant.

My best friends from when I was 17

Trading jokes and stories in a cafe.


Dinner with my family at the end of

Every long day, my dogs asleep at my

Feet. Making balls of dough in sugar soup

Because Chinese food brims with metaphors.


What is home, really, but a sentiment?

A familiar accent in a cafe?

An old man being helped across the street?

Mooncakes, tea and lanterns come midautumn?




  • 《水调歌头·明月几时有》by 苏轼, a Song Dynasty poet.



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