How to have a Christian girl autumn

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With the start of the fall season, hot girl summer is officially over. The weather calls for more scarves and jackets, rather than tank tops and shorts. But if you’re looking for a new movement for this upcoming season, look no further! “Christian girl autumn” is here.

This meme embraces what people have called the “basic white girl” aesthetic, which includes pumpkin spice, infinity scarves and suede boots. Caitlin Covington has become the face of this meme and she has wholeheartedly embraced it. Now everyone, regardless of race and gender, can embody Covington’s aesthetic and style. If you want to channel this vibe for fall, whip out the flannels and use this guide for your own “Christian girl autumn.”

Buy anything labeled “pumpkin spice”

When people think of these later months, pumpkin spice comes to mind. To embrace this lifestyle, put anything labeled “pumpkin spice” in your cart. You might be overwhelmed with all the pumpkin spice products, from deodorant to lip balm, but there are a few essentials. Lattes are a must, especially if they’re from Starbucks. You can also make them at home with flavored syrup to save some money. When you’re almost done with your latte, don’t throw it away! Instead, carry it around like a clutch so people know what you’re drinking. Another must-buy are candles. Run to the nearest Bath and Body Works store and buy their entire supply of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles. This candle will make any person faint with its strong, spicy aroma. Your home will smell like a truck carrying cinnamon and nutmeg crashed into a pumpkin patch, thanks to all these products. 

Take pictures with piles of leaves

Nothing screams Christian girl autumn more than taking selfies with piles of leaves as your backdrop. Go outside to your front yard, rake some leaves and you have your background! If you live in an apartment or dorm and don’t have immediate access to leaves, don’t fret. Head to a random person’s house that has a leaf pile and take some pics before they shoo you away. You can also head to a park with a lot of trees or an open field. For these pictures, diversify your poses and angles. Some ideas include jumping into the pile, laying on the ground with leaves all around you, throwing leaves in the air or running away from that random person whose lawn you’ve used as a backdrop — bonus points if you’re holding a pumpkin or there’s several in the background. These photos will guarantee Instagram likes and engagement, setting your new aesthetic and feeding your ego.

Update your wardrobe 

With cloudy weather and breezy days, it’s time to change your closet staples for this season. To have a true Christian girl autumn, cardigans and off the shoulder sweaters need to be worn daily. Stores such as Target and TJ Maxx will have an amazing collection of tops with different colors, fabrics and designs. They also have huge arrays of scarves, which you should definitely pick up for the chilly weather. Other great accessories include wide-brim hats, chunky jewelry and designer purses. To stay in theme, pick colors in the brown and muted orange family. Pops of gold and green are acceptable too, but try to stick to the colors of leaves (yellow, brown, orange). And remember, if it looks tacky, you should probably wear it.

By following these three steps, you’ll be having your own Christian girl autumn. If you embrace the fall weather and the “basicness” of this season, you’ll have a blast. Now go get your pumpkin spice latte, head to a pumpkin patch and buy all those fall scents. And when the season is over, you can participate in depressed girl winter too!

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