ASUC rejects judicial candidate, hears comment on senator’s tweets

photo of Eshleman Hall
Sakura Cannestra/File
The ASUC met virtually to discuss the Judicial Council appointment of Jacob Dadmun.

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The ASUC Senate met Wednesday for a meeting primarily meant to vote on the appointment of campus senior Jacob Dadmun to the Judicial Council.

After the meeting was called to order and attendance was taken, Chief Legal Officer, or CLO, Mina Han motioned to add public comment to the agenda. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote.

Once the agenda was approved, multiple comments were made during public comment calling for action to be taken against Senator Gabrielle Sharp by people who found the contents of her personal Twitter offensive.

Sharp answered some participants using the Zoom chat feature and made a verbal comment after the public comment period ended.

“I don’t have much to say,” Sharp said during the meeting. “That’s my personal Twitter and I said what the f— I said. I appreciate my Reddit fans coming today. I appreciate the exposure.”

The Senate then considered a motion to appoint Dadmun. ASUC Senator Jason Dones and ASUC Senator Muz Ahmad objected to the consideration of this motion, and after a unanimous vote, Dadmun’s appointment was not considered.

Dones then motioned to allow for a second period of public comment. The motion was adopted by unanimous vote. Dadmun used the second public comment period to express confusion over the rejection of his Judicial Council consideration.

“I’m really, to be honest, quite upset about the rejection of this consideration,” Dadmun said during the meeting. “I have served on Judicial Council for a year and it was something I enjoyed and did good work on, not to mention every sitting member of the council has offered support for my reappointment, so it was kind of a surprise that my consideration was rejected.”

Other public commenters used the period to further express their disapproval of Sharp’s tweets, some stating that they would return weekly until internal action was taken.

After the second public comment period, ASUC Senator Osirus Polachart motioned to adjourn the meeting and Sharp seconded the motion, ending the meeting early. Han spoke to the remaining audience after the official meeting, urging everyone to “take care of themselves.”

“I understand there were lots of frustrations tonight, but we do have a procedure we’re required to follow,” Han said during the meeting. “We apologize for the discomfort that people may have felt tonight.”

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A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Jacob Dadmun is a campus junior. In fact, he is a campus senior.