5 restaurants you should try for Hispanic Heritage Month

photo of Gordo Taqueria
William Webster/Staff

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Hispanic food is known for its variety of dishes and flavors. From pan dulce to pupusas, it truly does have something for everyone. However, when living in the Bay Area with a wide array of local businesses, the question is no longer where to get food, but where to get food first. To help answer this question, I have a list of recommendations from the Berkeley community of local Hispanic restaurants to try before Hispanic Heritage Month is over. 

Casa Latina 

Casa Latina is a small and beautiful restaurant nestled between the shops on San Pablo Avenue. Known for its pupusas, pan dulce and pozole, Casa Latina is a beautiful restaurant that has something delicious for everyone. Not only is the food tasty, but the long hours (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) make Casa Latina perfect for early morning risers or late night munchies. 

La Mission 

With mole, carne asada and carnitas, La Mission is known for its delicious Mexican food that will leave you wanting more. The good thing about La Mission is that it is on University Avenue and isn’t too long of a walk from campus. Even if it was miles away, the food is so good you may just want to make the trip. 


Known for its delicious Salvadorian food, Platano serves up high quality pupusas, sopas and tamales that will leave everyone happy. However, the menu doesn’t stop with the staples. If you are in the mood for a breakfast rather than a dinner, Platano has got you covered with delicious breakfast options as well. So, if you are craving breakfast or dinner, I advise this delicious spot on University Avenue. 

Gordo Taqueria

Located on College Avenue, Gordo Taqueria serves up the comfort Mexican staples for good prices and better quality. With super burritos and carne asada plates that are full of flavor, and guacamole to cherish, Gordo’s never disappoints and is perfect for a night out with friends.  

Café Buenos Aires

Moving on from Mexico to Argentina, Café Buenos Aires brings Argentinian flavors to Berkeley with empanadas, cafe con leche and alfajores (an Argentinian pastry). Aside from the great food, the pricing is also highly affordable and gives you the most bang for your buck. Next time you want to try some Argentinian food, try Café Buenos Aires.

I hope this list inspired you to try out some new places in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Bienvenidos to Hispanic Heritage Month!

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