6 things to look forward to this fall

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Various areas and neighborhoods in Berkeley hosted Halloween activities for families. According to Visit Berkeley spokesperson Dan Marengo, the Fourth Street shopping district arranged a drive-thru light show at dusk as well as a virtual Halloween costume contest for children.

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Wednesday, Sept. 22 officially marked the beginning of fall for 2021. Exciting? Yes. Hard to officially say goodbye to those fleeting moments of summer, sunshine and life without the stressors of school? Unfortunately, yes again. As much as I hate coming to terms with this bitter reality, there’s really no point in fighting the inevitable changing of the seasons. So instead of fighting it, why not just embrace it? Here’s a list of some things that will hopefully get you excited for this fall season.

Fall fashion

Now I’m no fashion guru, but I do enjoy wearing my big chunky sweaters that make me feel like I’m drowning in warm wool. Hang up your tank tops and put away your shorts. It’s time to pull out your wool socks, turtlenecks, boots and warm jackets. Bundle up and get cozy, we’ve got a while until the springtime. 

Hot coffee or tea on an early, cloudy October morning

Going to a cafe when it’s raining or cloudy outside while drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea provides a sense of belonging and comfort that I just can’t seem to replicate anywhere else. Not to mention all of the fall-themed drinks (I’m a sucker for the pumpkin cream cold brew) that make this season feel that much more special. 

Fall-themed baked goods

Aside from the fall-themed beverages, what I love is the compulsive need to bake all things pumpkin, cinnamon and nutty. My house will consistently smell of browned butter and pumpkin bread. There’s nothing quite like eating a steaming piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the comfort of your warm home on a rainy or foggy day.


Even if you don’t particularly love Halloween, it still gives us a reason to celebrate and eat well. Halloween in college is a whole other beast in itself that I have yet to experience (being that I am only a second-year), but I love any reason to get together with friends. 

Thanksgiving break

Who can argue with this? We love a small break from school right before we enter into finals season. Thanksgiving is practically a whole day devoted to eating and being with the people you love and care about. I personally cannot wait for those delicious garlic mashed potatoes that my mom makes.

Watching fall-themed movies

What’s better than watching your favorite fall-themed movies? Maybe watching your favorite fall-themed movies while eating your favorite fall-themed baked goods as you’re cuddled under a big warm blanket, rain pouring outside. The movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” always seems to get me in that autumn mood. Read the Clog’s article on how to prepare for a movie marathon if you’re really excited to watch all of your favorite fall-themed movies in one sitting. 

I hope at least one of the things on this list has got you excited about this autumn because writing this article has definitely made me excited. Fighting the inevitable will just be frustrating, upsetting and a waste of time. I’ve found that accepting the things you cannot change makes life not only easier but a lot more enjoyable. So here’s to enjoying this fall season. Cheers!

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