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What Taylor Swift song you should listen to based on your zodiac sign

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest musicians in the world and has an extensive nine album discography. In fact, she has so many songs that she captures the entire spectrum of zodiac signs. This guide will assign one of her songs based on your sign, from her country days to her folk-pop era. As much as everyone loves “Shake It Off” and “Love Story,” this list is comprised of Swift’s deep cuts and lesser-known songs, which are carefully curated and chosen to represent your zodiac sign.

Libra: “New Romantics”

Libras love to be in relationships and can jump from one to another in a second. They’re social butterflies and aren’t afraid of diving into the dating pool repeatedly. The perfect song that captures this is the bonus track from 1989, “New Romantics.” The song details a new generation of lovers: explosive, dreamy, independent and passionate. Being in a relationship with a Libra is like this song: a rollercoaster that you want to ride over and over again. They’ll make sure you have the time of your life and cherish you forever. 

Scorpio: “Treacherous”

This water sign hates being told what to do and usually follows its own path. This aligns perfectly with “Treacherous,” a song from Taylor Swift’s 2012 Red album. In the song, Swift compares a lover to a path; although it’s “treacherous,” she will follow it. Scorpios tend to associate pain with love because of past heartbreaks from lovers and friends. They also gravitate to people who will change their lives and bring them out of their comfort zones, even if it’s bad for them. The song expresses the intricacies of a Scorpios’ mind and love life: totally chaotic, but intensely passionate and loving. 

Sagittarius: “Getaway Car”

This fire sign is very open and can easily fall in love with a person. Sagittariuses can also become bored easily and will do anything to avoid that feeling, from an impromptu trip to changing a job. “Getaway Car” from reputation captures the Sagittarius ethos as the narrator confesses they’re only in their current relationship so they can leave their ex, thus making their current partner the “getaway car.” It makes sense that this fits with Sagittarius since Swift is one too. I guarantee you’ll be screaming your lungs out to this song once you learn the lyrics and will play it on a loop for weeks.

Capricorn: “You’re Not Sorry”

The “parent” of the zodiac signs wants to shield their loved ones from pain and they’ll always give advice to anyone willing to listen. Capricorns are this way from past experience: always wanting to prevent others from getting hurt. Their perfect Taylor Swift song is “You’re Not Sorry,” a country-rock song that recounts a person leaving their partner once they learn about all their wrongdoings, secrets and lies. Capricorns want to be respected, especially by friends and significant others. The narrator of the song has too much self-respect to stay in this relationship, embodying Capricorn traits. This track will send you into an emotional whirlwind as you’ll associate the lyrics to a person who has wronged you.

Aquarius: “Wonderland”

This air sign tries its best to be unique and different from the crowd. In their love life, they will turn a blind eye to a person’s red flags and might even find them attractive. The best song that describes them is “Wonderland,” from 1989. Taylor Swift recalls a romance that is doomed to end, comparing it to tumbling into Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds the titular character being a misfit in this new world and the recurring references throughout the song make it perfect for Aquarius. The fun pop song will have you dancing, while also crying about your ex.

Pisces: “Cruel Summer”

When Pisces fall for a person, they will fall harder than Jason Derulo did at the Met Gala. Thus, the water sign embodies “Cruel Summer” from 2019’s Lover. Swift sings about an intense, summer romance and how she wants to be with the person once the season ends. For Pisces, they fall head over heels when they meet the right person and will do anything to make their relationship work, mirroring the lyrics. From the upbeat tempo to the lively bridge, “Cruel Summer” encapsulates the Pisces experience of infatuation and intense longing.

Aries: “Better Than Revenge”

The defining traits of an Aries are their anger issues and temper. They hold grudges and will exact vengeance on anyone that slightly annoys them, which goes with Swift’s “Better Than Revenge.” The Speak Now track follows a scorned lover that wants revenge on a woman that stole her ex-boyfriend. It incorporates pop-punk elements with electric guitars and loud drums, echoing the rage of the lyrics. Like the narrator of  “Better Than Revenge,” stay away from an infuriated Aries because they will get even. It’s best to keep one eye open when you sleep.

Taurus: “Enchanted”

This earth sign loves to take things slow and steady, from starting a new job to dating a person. But as soon as they meet someone special, they will put all their eggs in a basket. The song that mirrors their love life is “Enchanted,” from Speak Now. It begins as a slow, guitar-driven ballad and incorporates more instruments as it continues, before finishing with an entire orchestra with Swift’s voice becoming stronger. The song describes the narrator as becoming enamored and infatuated by a person from their first meeting and hoping that the person isn’t dating anyone. This is the exact way a Taurus falls for someone: one toe-dip in the pool and then jumping in without hesitation. You’ll know a Taurus is into you when they’re “enchanted” to meet you.

Gemini: “I Did Something Bad”

Geminis have a duality to them, which often makes others believe that the air sign projects a fake persona to the public. The one song that exemplifies this is “I Did Something Bad.” It comes from Swift’s reputation album, an era where the media scrutinized her. The track reveals that Swift enjoys committing horrible acts and will continue doing them, alluding to her Kanye West and Kim Kardashian beef. However, if you continue listening to the album, it’s about finding love amidst chaos. This is the perfect Gemini song as it portrays their hard outer shell, but in actuality, they are shy introverts at their core. They put on this mask to prevent people from hurting them like how Swift does in this song.

Cancer: “august”

The main Cancer stereotype is that they’re emotional, sensitive cry-babies. As much as they deny this, it’s a fact. “August” from Taylor Swift’s most recent Folklore album represents the complex emotions and feelings of the water sign. It tells the story of a person that yearns for their lover after he leaves them for another person. The song reminisces about their time together and their relationship with the narrator stuck in the past. If that’s not a song for Cancer, I don’t know what is. The soft instrumentals and Swift’s songwriting will have Cancers everywhere call their ex and bawl their eyes out to this song.

Leo: “Starlight”

Although Leos are known to be selfish and full of themselves, they really want someone who can match their energy, especially in their love life. They want a person who will experience a romance akin to The Notebook or Pride and Prejudice, which goes with “Starlight” from Red. The song is allegedly about Swift’s relationship with a Kennedy and their picturesque romance together. She dreams about marrying this person and spending the rest of her life with him. The tune is a perfect expression of a Leo’s love life: fiery, passionate and intimate. 

Virgo: “The Story of Us”

Virgos are perfectionists and cannot function without rules, regulations and order. Even when they’re crushing on someone, they will follow steps to seduce and attract this person. “The Story of Us” is the ultimate Virgo anthem. Swift compares a relationship to a story, where a person doesn’t know if their crush likes them back, and they’re trying to have a happy ending. It perfectly portrays a Virgo in distress when things don’t go as planned. Virgos everywhere will relate to the range of emotions the song expresses, from confusion to anger to sadness. 

These Taylor Swift songs represent the best and worst traits of the signs. If you’re not a Swiftie before listening to these tracks, you’ll be one now and will finally understand the hype. Don’t forget to also check your moon and rising signs so you can know what your Taylor Swift big three are!

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

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