27 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers (Real & Active)

Twitter is a great platform. It has millions of active users and is great for talking to your fans. Growing on Twitter depends on the followers you can gain. Gaining followers is not very easy as people are picky with who they follow. Things such as rate of engagement, good content, and others are important when growing on the platform. There are many sites where you can buy Twitter followers. We have listed down some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers.

Buy Twitter Followers (Premium Followers)


SocialRush is a website made for Twitter services. They are known to be a platform to buy cheap Twitter followers. They provide services that will help you build a fanbase on Twitter. Using their packages you can add followers to your Twitter account. They help you get active followers. This helps you to stand out on the platform and get better reach on Twitter.

They use a technology that allows them to classify followers based on their relevance to your account. They try to add followers to your account who are the most relevant based on the content you post. Having relevant followers helps improve the quality of your account. This also provides a significant advantage over random followers which the other websites add to your account.

Purchasing these packages provide you with Twitter followers along with a host of other services. Their subscription-based model will help you have constant growth through a constant increase of followers. 


Viralyft is one of the best social media service providers. The volume of orders they receive along with the huge clientele they have confirms this. They aim to provide the best social media services at affordable prices. The company values your privacy and does not require you to enter your login details.

This saves you from any potential risk that you might have been exposed to. As they never ask for your password you always remain in control of your account. They use top-quality encrypted payment systems. These systems allow you to make payments on their site without exposing you to any risk of fraud.

They protect your financial data using SSL encryption and never store it. It is a very simple process to buy Twitter followers on their website. You just have to enter your user name and you can easily get the followers added to your account. They have a wide selection of packages to choose from. The packages start at $3.99 and go as high as $34.99. 


SocialPros has been trusted by many companies to boost their social media profiles. They have been successful in providing some of the best services to their clientele. They have worked with many influencers and other personalities to help increase the following of their account.

SocialPros have many packages in multiple segments for you to choose from. This wide range of products makes them a website that can fulfill various social media requirements. The company provides instant delivery of followers to your Twitter account. You can buy Twitter followers from their website by following a simple procedure.

You have to select the package which best suits your needs. This has to be followed by entering the username of your Twitter account. Following these simple steps helps you to add followers to your account. For purchasing 100 followers for your account you will have to spend $2.50.


GetViral is a name that is well known by people involved in this segment of social media marketing. They have been in this industry for more than 7 years and have delivered quality services. They provide top-quality services for their clients.

GetViral covers the social media platforms which are popular and helps their clients grow on these platforms. The company says that its clients have a high return rate. Over 85% of their clients return for more services. They have claimed one of the top spots in the social media service providers. GetViral has completed more than 150k orders and the number keeps increasing every day.

They provide you with tailored packages to buy Twitter followers. You can also choose from their range of pre-made packages. The smallest package provides you 100 followers and costs $2.99. The delivery of the order begins within 5-6 hours of completing the payment. 


FollowerPackages is a premium platform that can be accessed from a desktop or a mobile browser. They provide efficient solutions for social media requirements. They have become a well-known social media service provider with their excellent services. FollowerPackages use their contacts in the social media marketing field to help promote your account. They run digital campaigns which help you to gain the desired quantity of followers.

FollowerPackages provide services for multiple social media platforms including Twitter.  Their dedication towards the needs of their clients makes them one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers. When you purchase a service from their website you are assured of the quality you will get. They have a database of over 5 million targeted users. They use this database to help you grow.

FollowerPackages have even made many strategic partnerships with other companies to help you buy Twitter followers at an affordable rate. They have over 1k partner websites. They use the space allocated to them on these websites to place your ad and fulfill your orders. You can purchase followers at a rate of $2.99 for every 100 followers. You have a live tracking feature that helps you to track where your order is currently situated. After placing an order the delivery of followers starts almost immediately.  


ViewsExpert has a great secured platform for providing social media services. These services are made keeping in mind the current social media trends. These packages utilize the vast network they have created. This network helps them to fulfill orders with speed and achieve complete delivery of all orders.

ViewsExpert has packages for small as well as big orders for all social media sites. Their affordable packages have put them at the top of the list of service providers making them one of the best sites to buy Twitter followers. You can choose from their wide range of packages with the smallest one being $2.20 for 100 followers.

They have SSL encryption to keep you and your banking details safe while making payments. They aim to provide a secure and hassle-free experience when shopping with them. The entire order is delivered within 6 days. Their packages start at $2.20 for 100 followers and go up to 5000 followers for $127.


Social Packages provide premium social media packages for their clients. These include followers, likes, and other requirements that they have. They are a popular site to purchase Twitter followers. They have ensured that all of their orders are delivered quickly. Under normal circumstances, they can meet the deadline of all the orders that are placed by their clients.

They use their tons of experience in this segment to deliver high-quality services. Their services are always risk-free. You will not find yourself in trouble for using their services. They guarantee that all of their followers are provided from real accounts.

This helps to maintain the legitimacy of your account while helping you grow on the social platform of your choice. You can buy Twitter followers by purchasing their packages. The followers are added from accounts all over the world which helps to increase your reach. These packages are affordable and start as low as $2.50. 


Fastlikes provide professional services in the social media segment. They have been known to be one of the most reliable social media service providers. The company has grown manifolds since its inception and has quality services that can be purchased. They focus on the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Fastlikes have kept improving their services with time to help deliver better performances. When you buy Twitter followers from their website you guarantee your success on the platform. Fastlikes have affordable packages which will help you get the boost on social media without burning a hole in your pocket. They provide refill guarantees with all of their orders.

This is a system by which they assure users of the effectiveness of their services in the long run. If any of the orders fulfilled by them decreases over time they refill the missing order quantity for free. They have tried to create a customer-friendly experience through such policies.

All of their customers are also provided access to their 24/7 support center. They help you get updates on your orders and solve any issues you are facing. They have kept the process of their packages low which attracts more clients. Their packages begin at $2.99 for 100 followers. You can purchase their bigger packages for more followers. 


Famups are well known in this industry. You can buy real Twitter followers from their website which will aid your growth. They emphasize providing a safe platform and maintaining their privacy. Famups have a  variety of payment methods you can choose and all of them use secure encryptions. This encryption helps to keep your transactions safe.

This helps you to keep assured that you are not risking your safety while purchasing their packages. They do not believe in quick fixes. Their packages are aimed at helping you achieve long-term success. They help to create sustainable growth which will help you remain in the top echelons of social media for many years. You have to purchase a minimum of 500 followers on their website and it costs you $20.

Social World

Social World aims to be the website that can provide you services for all special media platforms. They have made significant developments in their packages which has made a great platform to buy Twitter followers. Social World only provides followers from real accounts. They understand the negative effects of bots and fake accounts on your social media growth.

Social World guarantees that all of its followers are real accounts. They use social media marketing methods to add the followers you have ordered. They have 2 reputed payment systems set up for secure payments. SafeCharge and Paypal ensure that all of the transactions made on their website are secure. They have provided over 72 million followers in all of the orders they have completed to date. 

Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost has worked with highly reputed brands and built a great website for placing orders. They have numerous positive reviews which show the satisfaction they have provided to their clients. Using the chat option on the website you can contact them.

This helps you understand how they work and the methods they use to add followers. They use social media strategies to help you gain Twitter followers. You just have to enter the URL of your profile and select the package. They charge $12 for 200 followers. They have live support which helps you with any queries you might have. The fast delivery of followers is another added benefit they provide. 

Social Viral

Social Viral is known for providing instant delivery of followers. They are one of the most reliable choices when buying Twitter followers. Social Viral completes the majority of their order within just 12 hours of placing an order. They do not use any bots. Bots get your account flagged and they have avoided this problem by using only real accounts.

Their website has many testimonials which talk about the great quality of the services they provide. Their packages start at $2.99 for 50 followers. Entering your username allows them to identify your account and add followers. They never ask for your passwords or store your data on their website.


Crowdfire is a social media management tool. They help you to gain followers using their techniques. They have a variety of tools that are used to improve your account. Crowdfire provides you with data and tools to ensure that you have a top-notch account.

They focus on helping you gain organic followers. Using their tools allows you to gain Twitter followers. The assortment of tools they provide will help you formulate your growth strategy on Twitter. You will be able to plan content and attract a larger audience. This will help increase the conversion rate which will lead to more followers. 

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta has great ratings on Trustpilot. They are known for providing premium services at cheap prices. Mr. Insta is known for helping you buy active Twitter followers. They have a variety of payment methods you can use. Having such a variety allows you to be more flexible with the payments.

They allow well-known payment services such as VISA and MasterCard. They even accept payments in Bitcoin. All orders come with their refill and delivery guarantee. You are assured that all of their orders will be delivered and if the order quantity lowers over time, they will refill it for free. They charge $15 for 250 Twitter followers. 


Tweeteev provides services exclusively for Twitter. They have specialized in Twitter services. They are one of the most affordable sites to purchase Twitter followers. Tweeteev allows you to add targeted followers to your account. Having targeted followers is very important on social media. They use strategies and engage with your target followers to help you gain the best quality of followers.

They take care of all of the repetitive work so that you get followers added to your account without having to face any problems. In their years of service, they have never had any account banned due to using their services. They have a subscription system with different plans you can select. The basic plan starts at $15 a week.

Get Plus Followers

They are a company that helps you to buy real Twitter followers in a particular niche. They use many techniques and metrics to find followers which will be able to help you. Followers in your niche will have a better chance of impacting your account positively.

They help you find followers which will aid your growth rather than just increase the follower count. Using their platform allows you to purchase followers that boost your engagement. You will have a better rate of engagement and will see better results due to it. As the followers are targeted your account will be much more visible to the people who are interested in your content. Using their services will help you carve an active follower vase that interacts with your content.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain was mainly built for providing Instagram facilities. They have expanded their range of services and deliver services for major social media sites. If you want to gain Twitter followers you should check out the packages provided by Audience Gain. Audience Gain offers cheap packages which will gain you, followers. They have a good reply time to messages sent to customer support. Unlike many of the top companies, their chat isn’t live. They have plenty of their services which you can use as well. 

Social Viral

Social Viral allows you to add followers to your account. They are known for premium services. Their followers are not bots so your account is safe at all times. They are known to be discreet about your purchase and prioritize safety. They do not store your information or ask for passwords when you purchase followers. Social Viral have kept their packages affordable. The packages start at $2.99 for 50 followers. It goes as high as $84.99 for 3000 followers. 


SocialUps are reliable for buying followers. They have good packages and after-sales service teams. Their customer care will help you with any queries or problems that you face. They are a simple website that helps you to buy followers and serves their purpose.


Twenvy is an organic growth service. They help their clients grow on Twitter and have more followers. They try to make the accounts of their clients have good rates of engagement along with a high reach. Twenvy provides services that can help you claim one of the top spots on Twitter.

They claim that with their organic growth solutions you can gain up to 5000 followers every month. They have got mentions in many top magazines with regards to their product. Twenvy asks you for the ideal audience you want. They then work to attract the attention of that specific type of audience and get them to follow you. Twenvy provides you fast-paced growth on Twitter. This growth helps you to achieve feats on Twitter which you would have originally considered to be impossible. They even provide a 3 day free trial for their customers.


TW-Lab is an efficient site to buy real Twitter followers. All of their services delivered instantly. In case of unexpected delays which are very rare they take a maximum of 3 hours to deliver your order. Their customer care is active 24 hours a day and you can stay appraised of the status of your order by contacting them.

If you notice a drop off in the number of followers you gained, you can connect them for a free refill. This refill facility is available for only 30 days since the purchase. There are multiple payment methods available along with a secure payment facility. You can shop with ease on their website. 

Global like

Global like can provide you almost any service you want related to Twitter. They provide you some services which are not generally available even from some of the most reliable brands. They are ready to display their service to prospective clients.

Global like to even provide some free services to help you understand the high standards that they maintain. They have a 30-day guarantee on all of their services. When you buy real Twitter followers from them, the delivery is carried out within 12 hours. These followers are added to your account and they keep interacting with your content. They charge $5 for 100 followers.


Boostlikes is a great platform for businesses and people who want to increase their following within seconds. They have a powerful tool that helps them to deliver these followers at lightning speeds. These are not inactive followers which might put your account at risk.

They actively participate on Twitter which makes your account look legitimate and trustworthy.  Their range of packages starts at $17 for 250 followers. They accept all major credit and debit cards which makes their payments much easier. 


PopularUp is a company that provides a variety of social media services. They are unique because they have a website and a mobile application as well. Downloading the application helps you to place orders to buy Twitter followers very quickly.

Their packages are made based on the number of followers you want to add to your account. It starts as low as 80 followers for $0.99. PopularUp knows what you want. They have modified their packages to help you buy Twitter followers in the perfect quantities you require. People who do not want to download their application can visit their website to purchase the services. Entering your username helps you to get the followers added to your Twitter account.

Red Social

When looking for a trustworthy site with affordable plans Red Social is your best bet. They provide all services which you could imagine on Twitter. Red Social has a variety of price points that help you find a package that is affordable for you. They keep adding the order over time rather than adding it all together.

This makes your account look natural. As they provide only real followers your account does not violate the Twitter guidelines. This keeps your account safe at all times. Their packages start from $7 and delivered within 5 days.


Tweetangels are much more than a regular place to buy real Twitter followers. While many companies only allow you to buy active Twitter followers, Tweetangels goes above and beyond. You can buy normal as well as targeted followers. They will find followers who suit your account and get them to follow you. This helps boost your reach and engagement on Twitter.

They have other tools to provide you automated engagement and even a growth strategy. They are termed as the all-in-one tool for Twitter growth. Their analysis of whether a person suits your account or not is accurate and helps you to get only those followers who will benefit your account. 


Instamama understands the needs of this industry and its clients. They set up packages that fulfill the social media growth needs. Instamama have been able to put their name out there in the industry. They have established a deep network of connections in the social media space. The company uses this network of connections to provide you a great experience when you purchase Twitter followers from them.

This helps you to choose the amount which is needed by your account. They have mastered the ability to deliver the orders within the promised dates. When buying Twitter followers from them you can be assured of never receiving a subpar quality. Their packages start at $8.5 and have a high rate of retention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying Twitter followers safe for my account?

Buying followers on these websites does not expose you to any risk. Fake followers and bots tend to harm accounts but all of the sites mentioned in the list only provide real Twitter followers.

They will engage with your Tweets and not bring any punitive action on your account. Fake followers have led to Twitter accounts, banned but it does not affect you. Purchasing real followers from these trustworthy sites does not violate the policies of Twitter and your account remains safe.

Are my banking details safe when purchasing followers?

Most of these websites use SSL encryption in their payment gateways. This is technological encryption that protects your payment details. The encryption ensures that when payments are made the website is secure. They reduce the risk of third-party tools from trying to get access to your payment details.

The websites do not store any information on their servers. All the information you enter is kept safe and never distributed to any other person or website. They prioritize the safety of their clients as they know the importance of gaining trust. They use well-known payment gateways that accept the majority of cards and other payment methods.

 How long does it take to deliver followers to my account?

This depends on the number of followers you decide to purchase along with the service provider you choose. The majority of the service providers deliver the orders to your account within 5 days. The delivery of the order begins instantly.

The majority of the sites try to deliver the orders within 24c hours.in case of any rare issues that they face they take a maximum of 1 week. You can even contact their customer support for getting an update on the status of your order. They are responsive and will provide you with accurate information. 

How do these services work?

These companies have a network of contacts on different social media platforms. They use this network to promote your account. They run social media marketing campaigns. These campaigns aim to attract Twitter users to flow to your account. Using this method they get the followers on your account. This helps them to add the desired amount of followers to your account. 

 How much do Twitter followers cost?

The cost of Twitter followers varies with the service provider you choose. The cost depends on the number of followers you want to gain. The smallest packages contain 50 or 100 followers. This costs around 2 dollars. You will find packages which cost more and one which cost less.

Depending on the reliability and the value they provide they keep differing. However, you can rest assured that the price is less than what a social media marketing agency would charge to get followers on your account. In most cases it is cheap.

What are the key rules to having a good Twitter following?

There are quite a few factors that people have to keep in mind to gain a huge following on Twitter. Buying Twitter followers is a simple opinion but there are many more ways in which you can improve your account. Some of them are as follows-


  • Good content


You need to have good content on Twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms. It has millions of users. You will have to make sure that your tweets are interesting and that people want to read them. Without having good content you cannot rise in the rankings. You might employ all of the best tactics but without making good content you will not grow. 


  • Engagement


Engagement is quite important. Twitter thrives on engagement between its users. You will have to be active on the application. You have to keep interacting with other users to be able to get more attention on your account. Keep retweeting tweets that you feel deserve to be shared.

You should also interact with the people who comment on your tweets. Twitter is an informal platform where people can interact with each other. Replying to comments on your tweet and commenting on other tweets is a great way to improve your engagement. Greater engagement leads to more reach and visibility which in turn helps to increase your followers. 


  • Frequency


It is important to tweet frequently. People will not continue to follow you if you only tweet sporadically. Find out the number of tweets a day that is the most suitable for your account. Keep tweeting frequently and regularly. Be sure to not overdo it as it can lead to negative results as well. 


  • Niche


Have a niche on Twitter. It should be something you are passionate about and can tweet about daily. There are many niches on Twitter although they are different from the niches you see on other social media platforms. Choose a well-performing niche and stick to it.


With the variety of service providers available, the choice rests in your hands. Many reliable providers offer a variety of packages. You can choose the number of followers which fits your requirement. Many of them even allow you to make custom packages. You should choose a provider from the list whom you can trust. They should be reliable while providing you with good value for money when purchasing followers for your Twitter account.


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