Which movie should you kick off spooky season with?

photo of a carved pumpkin

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Dust off your boots and pull out your best-knitted sweater because spooky season has officially arrived. Whether you prefer summer over autumn or vice versa, it’s difficult to ignore the beauty of the slowly changing seasons as the leaves change from green to auburn — especially how nostalgic it is to step on dried leaves to hear their satisfying crunch on your way to class. Despite your opinions on the popularity of pumpkin-spiced items during this time of year, it’s hard to beat the low prices of candy as a result of Halloween. Speaking of fall festivities, we at the Clog encourage you to take this quiz in order to find the perfect movie to kick off spooky season!

  1. Trick or treat! Choose a sweet treat to munch on
    1. Reese’s but the festive pumpkin shaped edition
    2. King-sized Snickers Bar
    3. Caramelized popcorn
    4. I’m more of a trick kind of person
  2. Quick! You’re running late for your 8 a.m. but it’s cold out! What do you grab to keep warm?
    1. Grandmother-knitted scarf
    2. High school class hoodie 
    3. Argyle patterned sweater vest from the thrift store
    4. Pray that the odds aren’t against you 
  3. If you were an autumn leaf what color would you be?
    1. I’m sorry, what?
    2. The perfect crisp orange
    3. Rare red/auburn 
    4. Brown
  4. Pick an autumn activity
    1. Bobbing for apples with your bestie 
    2. Complex corn maze with your study group 
    3. Haunted house with your roommate
    4. Pumpkin carving with seasonal music 
  5. What’s your go-to order during the cold mornings? 
    1. Pumpkin-spice latte, duh?
    2. Camomile tea for me
    3. Black coffee no cream or sugar, please 
    4. Hot chocolate with extra whipped cream to channel my inner child 
  6. Last but not least, what’s your favorite part about autumn
    1. CANDY
    2. Halloween! I can’t wait to dress up with my friends!
    3. Seasonal treats! Pumpkin spice and everything nice! 
    4. Meh, autumn is overhyped
    1. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  What? You can’t help but reminisce on your childhood while watching this classic film. Tagging along with Charlie and his pals ensures you a sweet and wholesome movie night.
    2.  It! Whether you’re afraid of clowns or not, It! is certain to leave you in suspense. Don’t be frightened when trick or treaters knock on your door during the film’s jump scares.
    3.  Carrie! Watch this Stephen King movie adaptation if you want to be a part of Carrie’s high school prom. You’ll wish you wouldn’t have worn your best dress. Spoiler alert: There’s blood. A lot of it.
    4. The Nightmare Before Christmas! Unfortunately, winter break and Christmas are quite a bit away but you can always wish for its quick arrival with this Halloween favorite. Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, awaits you!

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