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Quiz: Would you survive Squid Game?

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OCTOBER 11, 2021

You’ve probably heard of Squid Game, a Korean Netflix show that is blowing up on the Internet. It’s about cash-strapped players that compete in various children’s games with deadly consequences, but the prize is a life-changing amount of money. You cannot escape the memes, reactions and posts based on the show. However, many are claiming that they would personally win all the games and get the jackpot. This quiz will determine if you’re really going to come out on top and survive Squid Game.


  1. What is your strategy to make it to the end?
    1. Make an alliance with other players
    2. Cheat your way to the prize
    3. Act nice to get on everyone’s good side
    4. None — just try and make it to the end
  2. When you’re in new situations, you usually:
    1. Face them head-on
    2. Freeze
    3. Study the environment
    4. Run away
  3. Why would you be competing in the game?
    1. You’re in debt
    2. You want to go on a shopping spree
    3. For fun
    4. You literally woke up and have no idea why you’re here
  4. Who would be your bestie during the game?
    1. Player 001
    2. Player 067
    3. Player 212
    4. Player 456
  5. Pick a shape
    1. Circle
    2. Triangle
    3. Star
    4. Umbrella
  6. It’s the middle of the night and people are fighting each other. You would:
    1. Join the fight
    2. Hide from the others
    3. Scream for help
    4. Act weird to deter attackers
  7. You’re one of the last five players left. To survive, you:
    1. Stay up all night so no one hurts you
    2. Make a pact with another player
    3. Get rid of the strongest player
    4. Vote to stop the game
    1. You died in the first game. Red Light, Green Light may have just been too much as you probably couldn’t stand still. But on the bright side, you don’t have to participate in the deadlier games and can now rest in peace.
    2. You made it halfway! Congratulations on surviving the first few games, but you might have ended your journey during marbles or tug of war. You have a 50/50 chance of winning these rounds, but you made it farther than expected.
    3. You lasted until the last game! You made it to the final round and played the Squid Game. However, you might have been confused on the rules of the game or just got your butt whooped by your opponent. But you should be proud you made it so far and beat hundreds of other contestants.
    4. You won! By some miracle, you actually outlived and beat your opponent in the final round. Now you have access to millions of dollars that you can spend to your heart’s content. You might want to set some money aside for therapy because this was a rough experience, but at least you can pay off your student loans!


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OCTOBER 13, 2021