Power ranking: Protein bar edition

Photo of a protein bar
Nora Povejsil/Staff

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With midterm season almost over, the days tend to get shorter and the nights get longer. So, in order to get those extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning instead of making your breakfast, protein bars have become the ideal morning-class snack. I have accumulated a list below based on the taste, quality and price of protein bars to try before your next morning class. 

Barebells protein bars

Pro: taste

Con: price

Not only do these bars pack 21 grams of protein and a low sugar count, but they also satisfy early morning hunger. With flavors such as caramel cashew and cookies and creme, these protein bars are perfect for people with a sweet tooth. They are easy to grab in the morning when rushing to class or work. However, the biggest con to these delicious bars is their price at $1.99 each. 

ONE protein bars

Pro: taste

Con: price

In terms of taste, ONE protein bar is one of the best with the iconic flavor of birthday cake and a whopping 20 grams of protein in every bar. Overall, I would say ONE protein bars have a good taste and keep you satisfied for a long period of time, but can melt in high temperatures — so be wary of that if you live in a warmer region. 

Pure Protein bars

Pro: protein efficiency

Con: taste

Although Pure Protein bars don’t have the best taste, they are best for affordability and satisfaction. They are easy to buy in bulk, and have appealing flavors such as peanut butter and chocolate. These are recommended for those who want a protein bar for the actual protein amount. For those who want something that tastes better, I recommend the next bar. 

Quest protein bars

Pro: wide range of flavors

Con: texture

Although Quest bars aren’t the ideal bars in terms of protein content, the range of flavors they come in and the affordability puts them on the list. If you are craving something sweet, but the usual cookies and cream or peanut butter flavors won’t do, Quest bars come in flavors such as cookie dough, birthday cake and more. Also, with 21 grams of protein, they will keep you satisfied for longer. 

Power Crunch protein bars

Pro: taste

Con: satisfaction and quality

Power Crunch bars are delicious and they come in a wide variety of flavors, from mint to peanut butter crunch — and every flavor is honestly delicious. However, if you are looking for a protein bar that will keep you satisfied for a long time, this is not the perfect one. These are ideal for a midday snack or something to eat while walking to school. 

I hope this list was helpful in the quest to search for the perfect morning snack for your busy schedule.

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