How has Horse Racing Evolved over Time? Find out Here

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Horse racing is a sport that has very strong roots in both tradition and history. It has been played since the ancient times and it remains popular amongst a lot of different classes. Horse racing is dubbed as being the Sport of Kings and it certainly has a long journey when you look at its humble beginnings. If you want to find out more about horse racing and how it started, then the only thing that you have to do is take a look below

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Early History

Horse racing is easily one of the oldest sports in the entire world. It originated in Middle Asia in around 4500 BC and it soon spread to various other cultures. The first formal documentation regarding horse racing as a sport can easily be tracked back to the Pan-Hellenic games. Ancient Greece held these games, and it was incredibly popular amongst the wealthy. Horse racing was a strict men’s sport, and women were not allowed to be trainers or jockeys.


During the 1920s, horse racing opened up. Horse racing used to be a sporting event for the affluent and the interest in the sport has since become way more widespread. It doesn’t matter what class or stature you have, because it is interesting to see that racetracks have now become far more accessible for people. The sport has since opened up for female athletes and it would seem that it is just as much a women’s sport as it is a men’s. There are many different female jockeys and trainers who now compete and the equestrian sport is also now spreading its wings. What’s interesting is that now you can even bet on horse racing online, which although is fairly new, is helping to take horse racing to that next level.

Horses and Breeding

Horses have become way more versatile over the years and now it would seem that thoroughbreds are being used for a huge range of equestrian sports. They are being put through managed breeding processes and some are even shipped around the world. 400 mares can be bred from in a single year. This is a far stretch from the 1920s, where only 40 mares were bred from.

Better Practices

Better veterinary practices have also evolved. The evolution of the game has also meant that there is now way better health management for horses. In 1920, if a horse was injured then they had a dire fate ahead of them. Many times, the horse was put down on the track, but thankfully things have changed since then. Now vets are trained to a much higher level, and this has all helped to reduce the risk to trainers, horses and jockeys. Vet advancements have helped to save thousands of horses and now they are able to get the best level of care. Now it would seem that breathing problems can be resolved through surgery as well, and this is fantastic to say the least.


Equipment has also become way more advanced and it has become more modernised too. It’s of much better quality now than it was, not to mention that equipment is more comfortable for both the horse and the rider. Now you have softer leather, and you also have nylon bridles as well. This has been replaced for both horse and riders. Of course, now saddles are paper light and sometimes they are not even visible. This makes the rides way more comfortable for the horses and it means that they are way less likely to get injured as well.


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