Stressed? Take a break with a weekend getaway trip!

Photo of a scenic pier and boats
Jackie Amendola/Senior Staff

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From the excitement of school returning to in-person to the stress of midterm season, a fall break sounds pretty good right about now. Since we don’t have an official fall break and Thanksgiving break isn’t for more than a month, now is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway to relax in between midterm cycles. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to escape to Sunriver, Oregon, but there are tons of great places to get some fresh air around Berkeley. This is your sign to get a group of friends together and go have a weekend of relaxation! 

Why you should do it

If you’re not convinced yet, my grandma’s famous catchphrase: “You are number one!” is really the main reason you deserve this getaway. It’s so easy to be stressed as a Berkeley student and even if school has been dragging you down, you need to make sure you’re still taking care of yourself. And sometimes the greatest gift to yourself is a break from reality. Getting physically distanced from Berkeley even for just a weekend can be really healthy. Imagine being surrounded by trees, fresh air and appreciating the stillness and the calmness that the forest has to offer! Planning a fun trip like this can also be a great motivator; if you know you have this to look forward to, it might make your school week seem more manageable since you know you will get to fully relax and enjoy once you get through it. Additionally, if midterm season has taken some of your social life and activities away, planning a trip with some of your friends is the perfect way to catch up and spend time together.

Ideas for your trip 

First, pick your location. We are so lucky to be within only an hour or two from some of the most beautiful forest locations in California. Consider heading up to Tahoe or even somewhere in the Redwoods. Booking a cozy cabin Airbnb is the perfect home for your weekend getaway, plus splitting the cost with friends can make them more affordable. As for activities, the options are endless. If you’re near a lake, renting a boat or kayak with your group would be fun. If you’re looking for lower-cost options, there are tons of amazing hikes you could also embark on. Walk around the local towns and or stay in for a cozy weekend of movies by the fire. The weekend is your oyster; you can do whatever you please on your cabin getaway!  

Don’t let the midsemester stress get you down — plan some type of getaway or relaxation activity! If cabin life isn’t for you, you could also consider doing a night in the city or by the water on the coast. If traveling right now isn’t possible for you, plan some type of destressing time even just around Berkeley. It’s important to put yourself first and take a breather to mitigate the burnout!

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