Adam Melchor delivers electric performance at Great American Music Hall

photo of Adam Melchor performing
Antonio Martin/Staff

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Since the pandemic began, audiences have sorely missed the ambiance of live music, anxiously awaiting the moment that they can once again see their favorite artists in the flesh. At Great American Music Hall Oct. 11 for the San Francisco leg of his tour, Adam Melchor brought the excitement of live music back in full force, putting on a fantastic show with electric energy and sparkling charisma.

Even though this is Melchor’s first time headlining a tour, he already presents himself as an established, expert musician as if he’s been touring for dozens of years. He illuminated the stage with ease, serenading and stunning the audience comfortably with every song he played.

The concert made it incredibly clear that Melchor has an unbreakable, beautiful connection with both his band and his fans. Everyone in attendance was evidently thrilled to be there to support him, grooving along and dancing; Melchor himself rocked out frequently with his band, in turn encouraging the audience to do the same. While Great American Music Hall is a rather intimate venue with a capacity of about 500 people, Melchor’s voice was powerful and impactful enough to fill a stadium.

In this way, Melchor is a one-man show in his own right. Many of his songs may be acoustic, but even when playing without his band, he still offered enough fervor to keep the audience fully engaged. With his endearing charm, positive demeanor and hilarious pre-song banter, no moment of the show fell flat.

For nearly every song, Melchor shared a witty story to accompany it, showing just how truly personal and intimate his music is. The melancholic “What a Damn Shame,” Melchor shared, is about a man who was stood up for a date at a restaurant Melchor used to perform at. The track “Jewel,” on the other hand, uniquely combines poignancy with eccentricity; the song discusses Melchor’s close relationship with his sister as well as a raucous rooster crowing at a nearby house when he wrote the song. Every track stood out in its own marvelous way with its unique story, and each segment of the show highlighted an experience or unearthed a new facet of Melchor’s personality.

No matter the subject, every single one of Melchor’s songs oozed a sweet desire for genuine connection with others. Supplemented by his eloquent lyricism, it was easy for the audience to get lost in Melchor’s dreamy vocals as he mastered every song of the night. Whether he was singing an enchanting ballad or rocking out to one of his more upbeat tunes, his soft voice always carried with melodic ease and beautifully adapted to shift the mood of every song he sang. He additionally hit well-placed, impressive high notes throughout the night — a highlight being his encore of the delightful fan-favorite “Joyride.”

Melchor’s enthusiasm for performing in front of audiences overflowed during every song, and his genuine gratitude to be onstage again was evident. People in the audience were excited to finally be listening to his music live rather than streaming it online, and Melchor assured his fans that he was equally as glad to be there, frequently telling his audience how excited he was to be playing live again.

With every song he cheerfully played and every anecdote he laughingly shared, Melchor’s passion for playing music shone brightly at Great American Music Hall. Wherever his career takes him, this sensational concert proved that Melchor’s sunny disposition and his deep, genuine love for performing will take him far.

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