No seats? Here are five lesser-known campus lunch spots

photo of students sitting on campus
Charlene Wang/Staff

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With in-person classes back this fall, most students are in a rush to get from one building to another. Students usually resort to takeout to fit in meals in between their in-person and online classes. Although having food to-go is the convenient choice, it’s been challenging to find spots with adequate tables and seating to have lunch before the next Zoom meeting, discussion or lab comes along. Here are five lesser-known campus spots where you can devour that meal in peace.

Genetics and Plant Biology Building

Whenever you have classes on the northwest side of campus or decide to get your takeout from restaurants along Shattuck, the Genetics and Plant Biology Building building offers lots of outdoor seating for you to use. Some even have umbrellas to protect you from the glare of the California sun. An added bonus is the Wi-Fi signal, so you can also opt to take a few Zoom meetings here. 

College of Environmental Design

On your way to the 4.0 Hill, you can spot an outdoor seating area outside the College of Environmental Design. Located on the southeast side of campus, this area also has benches along the pathways so you can choose to have your meals under lush trees. 

Near Moffitt Library

If you’re going library-hopping to study for your next midterm or you just want to explore the area near Memorial Glade, Moffitt Library has some picnic-style tables in front of the entrance, facing Doe Library. This place also comes in handy when seats outside Golden Bear Cafe are full and the library is your next stop. 

In front of Yali’s Qualcomm Cafe

If you have classes on the Northside of campus, you can have your lunch in front of Yali’s Qualcomm Cafe near Blum Hall. The Wi-Fi signal here is very strong, so feel free to camp out and take your online classes. This dining area also offers spectacular views of Doe Library and the Campanile for that perfect midday Instagram story. 

Valley Life Sciences Building

The vast open space outside the Valley Life Sciences building is ideal for a picnic-style lunch. If you dislike being under the hot sun, there are a lot of shaded areas to enjoy your meal. Bring a blanket, a good book and your takeout for a relaxing time. 

The next time you’re scrambling to find a good spot to have your takeout before class, check out these five sites around campus. They definitely come in handy when your go-to places run out of seats or if you just want to try somewhere new!

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