Crave Subs relocates to Shattuck Avenue

photo of the Crave Subs store
Jaqueline Samsell/Staff
Berkeley sandwich shop Crave Subs relocated from Center Street to Shattuck Avenue, welcoming Berkeley residents to try items off its menu.

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Crave Subs, a popular sandwich shop in Berkeley, opened its location on Shattuck Avenue after relocating from Center Street, bringing new beginnings for the sandwich shop.

The relocation occurred after the store was unable to renew its lease in its former building, which was to be sold for a redevelopment project. Crave Subs co-owner and founder Mohammed Suleman discovered the location on Shattuck Avenue for Crave Subs while walking down Shattuck Avenue and noticing vacant property. Suleman called to inquire about leasing this space and, as a result, obtained the location for his shop.

Crave Subs is known for its Halal meat options and vegan-friendly menu, according to its website. Suleman believes Crave Subs’ ability to meet various dietary restrictions sets Crave Subs apart from other sandwich shops.

Some of these options include The Madagascar — a vegan-friendly sandwich with cucumbers, arugula, sweet chili and avocado — and The Popeye, another vegan sandwich with vegan meatballs, golden BBQ sauce, habanero sauce and cheddar cheese.

The shop’s customers have also taken note of the vast array of options available for people with different dietary needs.

“Unlike most sub shops I’ve tried before, Crave Subs has an array of vegetarian options,” said Berkeley resident Savanah Litton in an email. “They offer their sandwiches in half sizes too so I can try even more choices at once, too.”

The website states that Crave Subs originated at San Francisco State University and after its success on that campus, opened another location on Center Street in June 2019 across from UC Berkeley.

Those who walk into the store situated around the corner of Shattuck Avenue are greeted with mini cartoon action figures, a colorful mural and a television screening popular movies and shows such as The Simpsons. The vibrant colors and recognizable characters are immediately apparent.

“When we started Crave, we wanted something fun, exciting and nostalgic to remind you of your childhood,” Suleman said.

Crave Sub’s business has not increased significantly at the Shattuck Avenue location, according to Suleman. However, he remains optimistic, stating that he believes Shattuck’s foot traffic will bring more business.

Suleman and his team added that they are “excited” for Berkeley customers to witness the store’s future plans.

“Be excited about what is to come,” Suleman said. “We want this to be a go-to location for Berkeley. We want alumni to come back and visit our shop.”

The enthusiasm for future developments is a sentiment shared by customers as well.

Litton noted that she plans to return to Crave Subs and try other items from the menu.

“It’s really exciting to find new places that cater to my dietary needs, and I can’t wait to explore their menu further,” Litton said.

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