Wi-Fi connectivity issues continue to cause difficulties on campus

photo of a laptop with the wifi menu open
Sam Tilles/Staff
Despite information technology staff's efforts to address the problem, Wi-Fi connectivity issues continue to plague the UC Berkeley community.

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Campus Wi-Fi issues have caused longer wait times when trying to connect devices, despite efforts to fix connectivity issues since the beginning of the semester.

According to campus Executive Director of Information Technology Infrastructure Dave Browne, efforts to address Wi-Fi issues from earlier in the year have been successful, but the changes implemented did not fix all the issues that the school is currently experiencing.

“The underlying causes of these issues are layered, and our understanding of them has evolved as changes were made to resolve them and additional issues were revealed,” Brown said in the email. “Based on observations since the changes were made last Friday, we are optimistic that the issues have been resolved.”

Campus senior Alec Parker said that he has had to go back home in order to access a stable Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi instability has also been preventing one of his professors from taking online attendance and accessing lesson plans, according to Parker. While he has reliable Wi-Fi at home, Parker believes that not everyone has access to such stable connectivity.

“People can get bogged down and not be able to do the work they need to do in a time crunch,” Parker said. “Some people don’t have great Wi-Fi resources at home so they have to come on campus, and if that is also not a resource and the Wi-Fi is ludicrously slow, then there is no good option.”

Parker added that directing more funds towards these problems would help fix connectivity issues in the long term.

According to UC Berkeley’s Wi-Fi project webpage, the school will continue to monitor sensors and tickets in order to address additional user experience issues, while individual issues concerning connectivity to Eduroam can be managed on a case-by-case basis.

The school is continuously working on improving campus Wi-Fi connectivity, with the most recent change being a load reduction on the authentication system and tuning changes to reduce congestion in the authentication system, Browne noted.

“So far, comments from faculty and students and system monitoring metrics indicate that these latest changes have resulted in significant improvement related to the issues people have been experiencing,” Browne said in the email.

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