Cal field hockey drives its sticks to 2-0 success against Davis

Photo of Cal Field Hockey
Ruby Sapia/Staff

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At the collegiate level, a field hockey game lasts an hour and is divided into four quarters, each lasting a duration of 15 minutes. Even though a quarter is only 15 short minutes, it’s crucial that each one is played with the same motivation and perseverance as the last.

Cal field hockey played UC Davis on Sunday, Oct. 17, walking away with a 2-0 win and demonstrating the importance of working hard throughout the entire game.

This result can be compared to the last time the blue and gold faced off against Davis: The April 3, 2020, match resulted in a home victory for Cal and went into overtime, which emphasized the importance of time in the game of field hockey.

For the first game of the 2020 spring season opener, UC Davis walked off of its home field, the Aggie Field Hockey Facility, with a triumphant win of 2-1. It was on this day, March 7, that Davis’ Audrey Matthew, part of the offensive end, posted a record of four points by scoring a team-high of two goals against Cal.

After Davis’ win at the first game of the opener of the 2020 spring season, it faced the Bears twice more that very same season. March 12 and April 3, respectively, were turning points for Cal as it defeated its opponents both times on its home turf of Underhill Field.

Sunday’s game is the first time the Bears and the Aggies have gone up against one other this season. Cal’s win Sunday was exactly what fans had been anticipating based on last year’s trends.

At 34 minutes and 45 seconds, Cal junior midfielder Megan Connors was responsible for the first solid plastic ball to make its way in from the left side of the cage.

The second goal was made by junior Jane Onners — one of Cal’s backfielders who is also from San Diego — during the very last quarter of the game at 54 minutes and 44 seconds. Onners’ goal was assisted by Connors and sophomore forward Kiki De Bruijne.

The blue and gold’s season so far has fans eager with suspense as they prepare to face Stanford on Friday, Oct. 22, at the Underhill Field. Thereafter, the blue and gold will only have two games left of their 2021-22 season before the American East Conference takes place from Nov. 4 to 6.

With an overall standing of 8-4, the Bears have fans’ spirits lifted high, hopeful that they will continue to drive their sticks to success.

Cassandra Maciel-Hernandez covers field hockey. Contact her at [email protected].