Questions to ask yourself when picking a gift for your friend

Leonie Leonida/Staff

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Most can agree that choosing what to get your friend for major events such as birthdays or Christmas can be difficult. With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost in the deep webs of Amazon trying to pick something they’ll like. You might even explore the entirety of the Bay Area on Google Maps while thinking of a place to take them to. Next time you’re struggling with coming up with a present for your friend, asking yourself these questions will help. 

“What’s my budget?”

First thing’s first, as college students, we have to consider how much we’re willing to shell out for this gift. Price definitely doesn’t dictate how much your friend will appreciate whatever you give them, but it can be a great starting point to narrow down your options. Determine a range of prices you’re willing to spend and stick to it. 

“What have they been into lately?”

Weeks or days leading up to gift-giving time, take notice of what your friend has been into lately. This can be a newfound show they’ve been binging or music they’ve been listening to. Getting a gift relating to what they talk about often will show that you’re listening and remember their unique interests. 

“Is there anything they need?” 

If you want to go the practical route, give them a need they’ve recently mentioned to you. This can range from new sweatpants to a skincare product restock. Something they can use for school is also a good idea, such as a new laptop case, mousepad or a pack of cute pens. No matter what you choose, practicality is always a good idea. 

“How about food?”

Let’s be honest here. Getting food or drinks as a gift is always a foolproof option. Next time you hang out, try to shift the conversation into one about food and drink cravings to get ideas as to what to get them. Surprising them with delicious bites or refreshing beverages will never fail to put a smile on their face, especially on a special occasion. 

“Or a surprise trip?” 

If quality time is their love language, taking them on a day out can be an option both of you will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be grand, and you definitely don’t have to go far. Staying within Berkeley and heading to a local restaurant down Shattuck can give you an enjoyable time. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Berkeley Marina has a ton of fun activities, from kayaking to paddleboarding, that you can try. 

As college students, our friends mean the world to us, especially as many of us are far away from home. They’re the people we turn to in good times and bad, so we want to give them something special on these occasions. Whatever option you go with, what matters most is the thought we put into the gift, not the size, price or grandiosity.

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