Why Some People Hesitate to Buy Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has steadily grown to become the largest and most popular cryptocurrency, with increasing worldwide adoption. However, some people have also continually raised concerns over several of Bitcoin’s characteristics. Unlike other new technologies, Bitcoin has impacted a profound financial revolution that most people view as threatening to the traditional monetary systems. Such claims have slowed its adoption in recent months, convincing most people to hold back.

Some governments and financial institutions have taken acute measures to alienate cryptocurrencies, with others even banning them. Handful banks and financial service providers have rejected dealings with crypto-related companies. The following article highlights the main reasons why some people are hesitant about buying Bitcoin. 

Lack of a Better Understanding 

The concept of digital money initially seemed too far-fetched, and most people could not figure out how one can transact using digital money. Besides, how could they use virtual money when no government or authority issued or regulated them? Many organizations, academics, and crypto-related companies, such as the https://bitcoincircuit.cloud/, now publish resources to help people understand the concept of cryptocurrencies and how to buy Bitcoin. Widespread cryptocurrencies knowledge exists in the developed world but, many populations in developing economies like Africa and Asia are still in the dark. 

High Volatility 

Bitcoin’s high volatility is one of the main reasons some investors are still hesitant to invest in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly the most volatile investments, with meteoric price swings. Their prices could drastically drop or surge within minutes. While that could spark fear, it is also the main characteristic that makes Bitcoin investments a risk worth taking. The volatility presents a more significant risk of losses and means lucrative profits if the price swings upwards. You can still make huge returns with Bitcoin if you gain deep insights into the market and invest cautiously, only putting the amount you can afford to let go. 

Not a Legal Tender 

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without any central authority. No government or central bank regulates it like paper currencies. Only one country, El Salvador, has made Bitcoin a legal tender, with some governments, including China, placing outright bans on crypto. That has caused some people to fear dealing with crypto, assuming they threaten the traditional economic systems. Others have also raised concerns that the decentralization of crypto encourages criminal activities like money laundering, terrorism, and fraud. Reports show increasing crypto-related crimes worldwide, further spreading the fear of using digital money. 

Diminishing Trust 

Various events and allegations have tarnished cryptocurrencies’ reputation over the years, making some mainstream companies and global investors hold back from investing in Bitcoin. The Silk Road and Mt. Gox Bankruptcy cases are excellent examples of such events, whereby hundreds of Bitcoin, worth billions of dollars, belonging to customers disappeared. Many have also raised concerns that cryptocurrencies have severe environmental impacts, contributing to a significant carbon footprint. Those are some of the main issues that have diminished people’s trust in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Security Threats 

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means one must access the internet to use it. Although Bitcoin’s network has various security measures like the blockchain’s irreversible digital ledger, online transactions remain vulnerable to several security threats, including hacking and scamming. Bitcoin also provides cold wallets where people can store their funds offline but accessible via private keys that could get lost or stolen. Such threats also make some people reluctant to own crypto. 

While there could still be more reasons why some people hesitate to buy Bitcoin, the ones discussed above are the most common. Nevertheless, increasing crypto awareness, education and innovation remain essential to eliminating the above threats and their continued adoption. 

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