Questions I have for Oski

Photo of Oski
Sunny Shen/File

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Standing at an unusually tall height, Oski is at every Berkeley event with his golden shirt and blue jeans. However, considering how frequently we all see our mascot, Oski remains an enigma to me and many others. From Oski’s hobbies to future career plans, who is Oski? I unfortunately am unable to answer these questions, so instead, I’ve compiled a list of questions to ask Oski.

What do you do in your free time?

My first question to ask is the one I often hear from others when the subject of Oski comes up — what does Oski do in their free time? Aside from keeping the games high energy and walking around campus, what else do they do? Do they enjoy riding bikes? Reading? Or going hiking possibly? Also, do they do all activities in a UC Berkeley shirt?

Where do you go in the summer?

Aside from attending the football games, graduation and other year-round activities, what does Oski do throughout the summer? Do they have a beach house, or do they just stay back and maintain the campus while most of the students are gone? I have a feeling it may be the latter.

What are your opinions on Stanford’s mascot? 

This is one of my more controversial questions, I must admit. But, is there “mascot beef” between the rival schools Stanford and UC Berkeley as well? If so, what are Oski’s opinions on Stanford’s mascot? I’d imagine they already know that the golden bear is objectively better than a tree, but does the rivalry go any deeper?

What did you major in? What are the best and worst majors?

Again, another controversial question. But Oski has been here for a very long time, so by now, I’d assume they would have some opinions on college majors. Have all EECS or political science majors grown to fit the stereotype? Or has Oski noticed a trend in the data? 

Who is behind the mask?

My final question is one that I assume Oski gets the most, and the one that I may or may not be allowed to ask. Regardless, it is a question that frequents my mind: Who is the person behind the mask? Is it a four-year deal, or just a semesterlong commitment? 

Although I highly doubt any of these questions will be answered, it never hurts to ask. I hope I brought a voice to the questions many of us have asked ourselves for long periods of time. And Oski, if you are reading this, an answer would be appreciated.

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