Halloween costume ideas for your group of friends

photo of a group dressed up for Halloween
Claudio /Creative Commons

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to start planning group costumes as soon as possible. However, when you have a big group, or even a smaller one, it can be hard to coordinate the perfect group costume — so here are a few ideas to inspire you. 

Winx Club

If you have a group of four to eight people, Winx Club is the perfect Halloween costume idea for you and your group. With wings and killer outfits, this is a group costume that is guaranteed to impress every single time. 

Four Horsemen

This idea is a bit harder to pull off, but each the Four Horsemen provide a unique opportunity to create a killer costume —literally. From fake weapons to makeup, the Four Horsemen would make any four-person friend group iconic. 

Marvel villain

Although I love a Scarlet Witch costume just as much as the next person, I believe that Marvel’s villains provide such outstanding costume capabilities, especially with the new villains introduced in this Marvel phase. So, before you and your group decide on dressing as the Avengers, try dressing as each Avenger’s arch nemesis instead. 

Teen Titans 

Teen Titans have always been iconic — from Starfire to Cyborg, the team provides a wide range of costumes that can showcase each person’s personality all while looking outstanding. The best part: If any of your friends are itching to dye their hair pink, dressing as Starfire is the perfect excuse. 

Gods and goddesses

Gods and goddesses are always a go-to in any larger friend group because they give the opportunity to go dark or light. Or, for the bigger group, you can even split the aesthetics and do both. Additionally, these costumes always look so comfortable, so why not? 

Fast food chains

If you have slightly more lighthearted friend group, you could each try dressing up as different fast food chains. This idea allows each person’s personality to shine while also providing a conversation point over which fast food chain is the best. 

Cereal boxes or other foods

Following the food theme, it’s always fun to pick your group’s favorite genre of food — for example, cereal —and try and dress as the brand or packaging. Although this one requires a bit more creative thought, it’s always fun and serves for a good laugh. Plus, you can always level up your costume by carrying around the actual food you’re dressing as. It will complete your costume and serve as a perfect midnight snack!

Anything, but the goth version

This one is a given, but from goth vampires to fairies, any costume but darker is always a hit on Halloween night, especially for parties. And as a plus: It can be super affordable. 

Hopefully these ideas inspired you and your group to get into the Halloween spirit!

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