Creative Halloween costumes everyone will love

photo of costumes in a store
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Now that Oct. 31 is approaching, everyone is frantically searching for a Halloween costume to wear. You can go to those pop-up Halloween stores, but all the costumes are made of cheap material or are unimaginative. If you’re like me, you want one that’s creative, unique and will stand out from the crowd of basic, boring costumes. We at the Clog have got your back with ideas on how to craft a costume that no one else will have. Some require a little DIY and patience, but it’ll all be worth it for the perfect Halloween costume.

Be the evil “you”

Halloween is all about being scary and there is nothing more horrific than the evil version of yourself. Basically, dress and act like the opposite of how you would normally act and what you’d usually wear. This is the perfect costume to test out your acting chops and play around with clothes in your closet. If you’re a couch potato that loves junk food, be an athletic health nut that eats salads and never sits down. You can also carry around small weights and jog in place at any given moment. The key to perfecting this costume is to list all your traits and look up the antonyms. You’ll be able to create the perfect character for Halloween while having friends shocked at this total 180. 

Mashup two costumes to make a unique one

Sometimes you might have many different costumes you want to do for Halloween and you just can’t decide between them. Who said that you had to choose? You can just take two of your costumes and just mix them together. This prevents anyone from having the same costume as you and it’ll have everyone wonder what you are. If you’re stuck between a zombie or Pikachu, become the undead version of the Pokémon. Put fake blood on the costume, play around with makeup and hold a fake brain while you parade in a Pikachu suit. You’ll get creativity points through mashing up costumes, while also having some fun making something brand new. 

Make the sexy version of something unconventional

There is always going to be someone dressed as a sexy nurse or a Playboy bunny. But no one seems to be creative with making something sexy. Try pairing the adjective with an inanimate object or something completely weird. For example, take the sexy version of a dinosaur. You can buy one of those inflatable dinosaur suits and wear a cheetah-print swimsuit with it. This requires very little work and will have everyone laughing with you. It’s a fun and comedic take on the millions of sexified costumes other people are wearing. Just slap a piece of lingerie on anything and you’re good to go. Soon, everyone will love whatever you make with this idea, from being a risqué Amazon package to sexy Oski. 

Replicate an iconic celebrity moment

If you want an instantly recognizable costume, you can wear a memorable celebrity outfit or recreate a meme of them. Met Gala and red carpet looks are great outfits to copy as many people have probably seen them. Some good ideas are any of Rihanna’s Met Gala outfits, Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala head-to-toe black look or Lady Gaga’s meat dress. There’s also a wide array of costume options just from memes: Miley Cyrus’s infamous dead-eyed stare, The Rock’s turtleneck and fanny pack fantasy and Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar fall. I find that this only works if you put very little effort or too much effort; there is no in-between. Look to the stars for inspiration and you’ll easily have a great costume. 

These costumes are perfect for any party or event. No one will have the exact same costume as yours, from Kamala Harris’s “We did it Joe” to a sexy lighthouse. Everyone around you is going to love what you’re wearing and you might just win best costume of the night!

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